HubSpot Workflow Extensions Explained

HubSpot Workfkow Extensions Explained - Postalytics Integration

We’ve been working closely with the HubSpot development team to make sure that Postalytics customers are the first to be able to take advantage of the new HubSpot Workflow Extensions, announced today at HubSpot’s Partner Day at INBOUND. This new capability that HubSpot is enabling for key Connect Partners enables us to create a much better user experience for marketers setting up or maintaining Triggered Drip Campaigns with HubSpot Workflows.

What are HubSpot Workflow Extensions?

HubSpot Workflows are the heart of HubSpot’s Marketing Hub, serving as the automation engine for an incredible variety of marketing tasks. Featuring a drag & drop interface, tons of built in automations and an open API, Workflows have become the default workhorse of the HubSpot Marketing ecosystem.

HubSpot Workflow Extensions represent a new way for partners like Postalytics to integrate Triggered Drip Campaigns. Previously, our HubSpot clients would need to copy a webhook URL from Postalytics and paste it into a “Trigger Webhook” POST function inside of HubSpot each time they wanted to trigger a Postalytics direct mail piece from within a HubSpot Workflow. It was a clunky, techie process that looked like this:

HubSpot Workflow Extensions - Trigger A Webhook

Now, with HubSpot Workflow Extensions, developers like Postalytics can create branded Workflow Integrations that can be instantly dropped into any HubSpot Workflow. We’re saving you time, steps and things that can go wrong!

HubSpot Worfkow Extensions - Integrations

HubSpot Workflow Mapping For Personalized Direct Mail

The other really cool thing that developers can now pull dynamic fields directly into HubSpot workflows! This enables Postalytics marketers to directly map HubSpot Contact fields (standard and custom) into Postalytics for personalization, using our Variable Data and Variable Logic tools. This is a huge enhancement that we’ve been waiting to take advantage of. Here’s what it looks like:

HubSpot Workflow Extensions - Mapping

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This is cutting edge, just announced functionality that we’ve been working on directly with HubSpot’s product team. Plan on seeing more announcements about HubSpot Workflow Extensions from both HubSpot and Postalytics over coming weeks. To learn more, get in touch, we’d love to talk to you about this great new feature!

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