Direct Mail For HubSpot Free CRM

With list segmentation, direct mail for hubspot free crm just became much easier

With the recent announcement from HubSpot of their new free email marketing tools bundled into the HubSpot Free CRM, we were eager to learn what types of integration options might be available for Postalytics users. We were hoping that the new update might make it easier to send direct mail for HubSpot Free CRM customers.

To our delight, we discovered that, as of this most recent update, HubSpot Free CRM users can define and save lists, and use the HubSpot/Postalytics integration to import those lists directly into Postalytics for use in Smart Send campaigns.

Send Direct Mail To Lists In Minutes

Now, small businesses that use HubSpot’s Free CRM (as well as Marketing Hub Starter) can instantly turn their targeted, segmented HubSpot Lists into powerful direct mail campaigns using our HubSpot Integration. There’s no more need to export and import .CSV files.

Why is this a big deal? Many HubSpot Free CRM users have been asking us for an integration that works with their version of HubSpot. Until now, only users of HubSpot’s Marketing Hub Professional have been able to use our integration.

How Does Direct Mail For HubSpot Free CRM Work?

It’s super easy for HubSpot Free CRM users to get started. Login to your Postalytics account (or create a free Postalytics account here). Next, setup the Postalytics/HubSpot Integration by clicking the “Integrations” link under your account name. Click on the “Add New HubSpot Integration” button and you’re on your way.

add hubspot integration into your Postalytics account to send direct mail for hubspot free crm

After you’ve defined and saved a list in HubSpot, it is very easy to import. Click on Lists>New List and choose HubSpot as the list integration source.

Import HubSpot list

Once you’ve selected your list, you’ll be walked through the list mapping process. For details on how the list mapping and importing works, check out our User Guide article:

Trigger Direct Mail With Zapier

Since the new HubSpot free tools do not include access to HubSpot Workflows (still in Marketing Hub Professional), you’ll still need to use our Zapier integration if you want to trigger individual mailers out with our Triggered Drip Campaigns. The good news is that Zapier is free and super easy to use.

HubSpot Free Users – Give Direct Mail A Try!

Now, Free HubSpot customers can easily import lists into any Postalytics plan. With a free Postalytics account, you can start automating direct mail without paying any subscription fees. To learn more about Postalytics plans and per piece pricing, check out our pricing page: