Announcing Salesforce Direct Mail From Postalytics

Salesforce Direct Mail From Postalytics

One of the most common feature requests since the launch of Postalytics has been for Salesforce direct mail. After months of hard work and testing, we’re thrilled to announce its general release.

Use Salesforce Direct Mail To Stand Out

According to tech industry number crunchers, Salesforce is by far the leading CRM provider in a fast growing market. Some estimates state that over 150,000 organizations use Salesforce. With email overload impacting so many decision makers, marketers and salespeople are searching for ways to stand out from their competitors. Now, Salesforce users can send and track automated direct mail postcards and letters with our new integration.

What Can I Do With This Integration?

The great news is that you can send Salesforce direct mail that from the Salesforce Leads, Contacts, Campaigns and Accounts objects. We designed the integration to offer maximum flexibility, as many Salesforce implementations are heavily customized. Postalytics just needs good contact data, plus any personalization variables you want to include in your creative, and you’re on your way to sending automated direct mail.

Send Batch Direct Mail In Minutes With Smart Sends

Salesforce Direct Mail - Import Salesforce List

Postalytics Smart Send campaigns begin with a list import. With the Salesforce direct mail integration, you can create segmented, filtered lists within Salesforce, and then import them directly to Postalytics. The great thing about Postalytics is that your lists can be of any size, you don’t need to worry about “minimums” as with traditional direct mail. The different options for importing lists include:

  • Leads (Any saved List Views)
  • Contacts (Any saved List Views)
  • Campaigns (Any saved Campaigns, made up of either Leads or Contacts)
  • Accounts (Any saved List Views – will pull Contact addresses)

Learn more by reading the “Import Salesforce Lists For Smart Send Campaigns” help article.

Combine Direct Mail And Email With Workflows And  Triggered Drip Campaigns

One way that marketers are helping their brands stand out is by combining direct mail and email in automated workflows. A major innovation in Postalytics is the ability to trigger direct mail when automation sequences call for a piece of mail to be sent. Postalytics now can use Salesforce Workflows to automatically send direct mail via our Triggered Drip campaigns. You can configure your Salesforce Workflows to automatically send postcards or letters to Contacts or Leads.

Learn more by reading the “How To Trigger Direct Mail From Salesforce Workflows” help article.

Salesforce Direct Mail - Postalytics Triggered Drip Campaign

What Are The Requirements?

You’ll need both Postalytics and Salesforce (Lightning or Classic) accounts. Your Postalytics account will need to be at the Pro level. If your account isn’t at the Pro level, just log in and use the Change Plan feature to upgrade. If you don’t yet have a Postalytics account, sign up here or contact us to get started. Your Salesforce account needs API access, and for Triggered Drip campaigns, access to Salesforce Workflows. According to Salesforce, API and Workflows are available in the following editions:

  • Enterprise Edition
  • Unlimited Edition
  • Developer Edition
  • Performance Edition

Salesforce Professional Edition users can request from their account manager to have the API and Workflow add-ons according to several online sources.

Finally, you’ll need to setup the integration initially with a Salesforce user login with permissions to:

  • Manage Profiles and Permission Sets
  • Customize Application
  • Modify All Data

How Can I Get Started With Salesforce Direct Mail?

If your accounts are setup to go, you can get started right away. The first step it to authenticate Postalytics and Salesforce. You can read about how to authenticate and setup Salesforce direct mail in our Salesforce Integration help articles.

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We’re Here To Help You Stand Out From Your Competitors

More and more clients are turning to Postalytics to send automated direct mail. We’ve sent a record number of campaigns for many different marketing objectives. Get in touch to strategize with us and learn how to use direct mail to help you deliver your message in a fraction of the time and cost of traditional direct mail.