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Change Plans

In Change Plan, you can select from monthly subscriptions in Postalytics based on your marketing needs, volume and budget.

Postalytics has a plan that will meet your marketing needs and budget perfectly.  Pricing includes printing and postage. No surprises. All of the plans include Full HubSpot Integration and unlimited Smart Sends.

You are automatically enrolled in the Free plan.  With the Free plan you only pay for what you need when you need it.  

You can upgrade to one of the monthly subscriptions plans:  Marketer or Pro.  Marketer is a great fit if you are mailing over 500 mailings per month or have less than 10 Trigger drip campaigns.  Pro provides unlimited Trigger drips and reduce pricing on per piece pricing.  

Your subscription is billed monthly on an anniversary date. You can change your subscription at any time, and you’ll receive a prorated bill on your next anniversary date.

Select the plan you want to change to and click on Change Plan Now.


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