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Unlocking full potential with a remailing service

A remailing service, also known as a forwarding service, takes your mail and remails it to your recipient for you. They give it a different return address, postmark stamp, and other information to make it look like it came from somewhere else.

For businesses sending direct mail campaigns from outside the United States and Canada, mailing direct mailers to recipients can be costly and time-consuming. Postalytics offers an easy and affordable solution with our automated direct mail platform that offers an alternative to a traditional remailing service.

Let’s look at some of the benefits of remailing for marketers.

Protect your privacy with remailing

Keep your identity private using a remailing service. You don’t need to provide any personally identifying information, such as a return to the sender’s address unless you choose to do so in some other way.

Grow your business from the bottom up

If you are a start-up or small business that doesn’t have permanent premises, a remailing service can give the impression that you are more established than you really are by providing a return address on your behalf.

Use local postmarks instead of remailing

Postalytics’ mailing service lets you send bulk, nationwide direct mail using multiple addresses in a Smart Send Campaign using variable return address postmarks. Recipients are more likely to trust your offer when it comes from a local address.

Track undelivered mail online

Identify undelivered mail on your Postalytics dashboard in real-time without having to accept “return to sender” mail. Postalytics mailers are printed with an Intelligent Mail Barcode used by the United States Postal Service (USPS) to track the mail’s progress through its system.

How To Use Remailer Services In 3 Steps

  1. Sign up with Postalytics

    Start a free plan with Postalytics, create your own custom envelope template or use one of ours.

  2. Set up variable addresses

    Set up variable addresses for your Smart Send Campaign using the Postalytics Template and Campaign setups to set your return addresses.

  3. Preview and send

    Proof your mailer material online and hit send. Postalytics will handle the printing and mailing for you from here.

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What is a remailing service?

If you want extra privacy, anonymity, and protection when sending something in the mail, you may require remailing. With remailing services, the package or letter arrives at its destination with a brand new return address and postmark stamp. Your envelope will have the address of the service prominently displayed instead of your own. This way, the recipient doesn’t know who sent it, and you can protect your information or make it appear that a locally-based business posted it.

Why send anonymous snail mail?

There are plenty of legitimate reasons to send anonymous mail through the USPS. Marketers may, for example, choose to send mail that is postmarked locally. For recipients, this gives the impression that the business targeting them in a direct mail campaign is based locally. For companies that do not have a physical business address or want to reveal their location, anonymous mail will also suit their objectives.

Personal forwarding service for direct mail

Personal forwarding services, such as those offered by the USPS, give residential and business customers flexibility over where they receive their mail. You can forward your mail to a designated address while relocating or choose to have all business mail sent to one place.

For businesses running bulk direct mail campaigns, it can be beneficial to use a forwarding service to receive undelivered mail. It is collected in one designated postal box, so your business address isn’t flooded with campaign waste.

Sign up for the best remailing service

If you’re looking for the best remailing service for your direct mail campaigns, first consider what you want to achieve. If you are looking for a solution that will distribute your campaign from multiple addresses, an automated direct mail solution like the service provided by Postalytics can help you achieve the same goals without needing to use a remailing service. 

Using a premium forwarding service

If you are a business sending direct mail nationally in the United States or from a country outside the USA, you will benefit from using a premium forwarding service. Those posting from abroad can ship their mail to the USA in one load and use a forwarding service to postmark and distribute the material to qualify for domestic rates.

With Postalytics, you don’t need a complicated forwarding service to achieve the same results. That’s because you can create, print, and ship your direct mail campaign to clients in the USA or Canada from wherever you are in the world using our online platform.

Ready to start using a remailing service?

Postalytics has designed an easy-to-use online platform to create, print and mail direct mail campaigns. Sign up for free for our USA or Canada direct mail services. Mailing is bundled into your package – check out our competitive rates.


What types of mail need a return address?

A return address is not required on postal mail. However, if it’s not on your package, the postal service can’t return it to you if they can’t find an address for it. This mail will be considered dead letter mail and thrown away. According to the United States Postal Service (USPS), the sender of a mail item must include their return address legibly on the item in specific situations. This includes official mail or mail paid with pre-canceled stamps and Priority Mail and Registered Mail, among others. 

What is the purpose of a remailer?

A remailing service provides privacy, anonymity, and protection for those that want it. This service is desirable for those that do not want their address, or personally identifiable information put out into the world.

What is a dead letter office?

Mail doesn’t get delivered for all sorts of reasons – the address is illegible, there’s not enough postage, or the person doesn’t live there anymore. If there is no return to the sender address provided, it is sent to the USPS mail recovery center or “dead letter office”, where it is held for a certain period to be claimed. If it has no value, it is destroyed or recycled.