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Postcards are a very effective direct marketing tool for any business. With Postalytics’ free software, you can design and create customized postcards to send to your customers and prospects in Canada. It’s quick and easy with our intuitive drag-and-drop design tools.

Postalytics has partnered with Canada Post and several quality-approved printing partners in Canada, including Toronto. This means you can design, have them printed,  and send your postcard campaign within Canada from anywhere in the world. With this local solution, you’ll benefit from the cost savings and avoid the hassles associated with cross-border direct mail campaigns.

Easy online visual editing

We have designed Postalytics to look like an email marketing tool. This allows you to use the platform to create, design, print, and send high-quality Canadian flyers for your promotion in minutes.

We use high-quality local printers

Postalytics takes care of all the printing for your postcard campaign. We have already vetted all of our printing partners in Canada, and they are printed at multiple locations simultaneously. This means we can offer you flexible job sizes and short lead times.

Integrate with your CRM software

By integrating Postalytics with your existing CRM tools, you can personalize your campaigns using data from your mailing lists, track your direct mail activity, and trigger workflows and other automated actions.

Measure the performance of postcard campaigns

Postalytics makes it easy to track the success of a marketing campaign when you send postcards to Canada. Know when they were delivered and how many new leads were generated.

How To Send Custom Postcards in 3 Easy Steps

  1. Register with Postalytics

    Open your free account or sign up for an attractively priced paid package. There are no contracts. You can change your plan at any time.

  2. Create your postcard campaign for Canada

    Import your mailing list, open the drag-and-drop templates, choose one that best fits your industry, and design your postcard.

  3. Review, print, send

    Customize your postcard, and Postalytics will print your postcards and mail them using local Canada Post.

Send Postcards in Canada Now

How to send postcards in Canada

If you want to advertise with postcard mailing, it is best to choose an option that can be done within Canada. International mailing with the United States Postal Service is costly and does not give you the benefits of tracking. Postalytics uses the reliable services of Canada Post’s Personalized Mail Service, which is a far more affordable option for printing and delivering postcards. You can verify that your mailing address is complete and properly formatted.

Canada Post postcards

If you want to have postcards printed in Canada to send with Canada Post, you can contact a printing company in Toronto, Ontario, directly or have your marketing agency do it. But negotiating the paper stock, sizes, and printing price can take weeks. The volume of printing the printer can accommodate also limits what they can offer you. So instead, design your Canada Post postcards with Postalytics, print them with our printing partners in Canada, and send them automatically through the Personalized Mail service in minutes from your computer.

Postcard templates

Every postcard you design with Postalytics’ free postcard templates comes with a unique barcode scanned by Canada Post so you can track your mailpiece through a personalized dashboard. With pre-made postcard templates provided by Postalytics, you can ensure your postcards are a standardized size and meet all specifications. You can get the best rates from Canada Post’s Personalized Mail when mailing postcards.

Vintage postcards Canada

Even if you are not a designer, you can easily create content for a postcard that looks good and memorable with Postalytics’ professionally designed layouts. You can easily upload your images to customize them. The innovative idea is to use vintage photos from your business to send the message to your customers that you have been in business for a long time and are have experienced, and are reputable. With Postalytics, you can create old or modern postcards – just make sure you own the copyright and usage rights for the image.

Photo postcards Canada

Photo postcards are a great way to keep in touch with people. They are quick to create, thanks to Postalytics, and allow you to share your favorite photos with others. For example, if you want to celebrate events like a family or company birthday, create a photo postcard by uploading the image to a pre-built Postalytics postcard template. It will make the recipient feel like they have received a special birthday card and create a meaningful connection.

Triggered marketing campaigns

Want to send triggered direct mail with Canada Post Personalized Mail? With Postalytics, you can easily set up triggered drip campaigns with Personalized Mail. A Postalytics Triggered Mail direct mail campaign is set up to watch for when potential leads or customers meet a specific criterion that triggers an action through our platform.

This results in a direct mail postcard sent to the recipient in each case. These campaigns are called “triggered mail” because they are triggered by a workflow system (like your CRM, Marketing Automation, Zapier, or an API integration) without manual intervention. Just like email automation, physical mail is delivered to your audience.

Ready to send postcards online in Canada?

The high shipping cost and the extra time it takes to send a postcard to Canada may discourage some businesses from taking advantage of this option. There’s only one option for those who want to send postcards to Canada, and that is Postalytics. So sign up and start using our fantastic service now.


Where can I buy postcards in Canada?

There are many ways to buy postcards. You can order them online and have them shipped to your home, buy them in stores, or go to a photo lab. Postalytics offers templates that you can use from anywhere in the world to create custom postcards online instead, so you do not have to waste time searching for a suitable card in stores or pay a premium price to find what you want. Postalytics provides templates for creative, automated campaigns, from real estate to vintage and even blank postcards.

Can I track my postcards?

Tracking the effectiveness of a campaign used to be a tedious task, with marketers having to count how many people responded to a postcard. But Postalytics offers an easy-to-use direct marketing dashboard that lets you track your campaign’s progress. We use intelligent postal barcodes that report on the delivery status as it moves through the postal system.

Can I send postcards in bulk?

You can send postcards in bulk with Canada Mail, but you must first sign up for the appropriate account. Next, you’ll need to submit a list of addresses and the quantity you want to send and pay for postage. Postalytics offers a much faster alternative for bulk mailing, where you can complete this process in minutes online.