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Newsletters have always been an effective way to communicate with customers or a target audience. They can be sent as business newsletters for internal use or to a targeted group, such as your customer base. They allow you to provide information about upcoming events, send a non-profit newsletter, or promote your products and services to enhance your marketing strategy and boost sales. There’s no limit to newsletter ideas you send with direct mail.

 Postalytics has made sending news in letter format easy and affordable thanks to our automated direct mail tools for company newsletters. Businesses of all sizes can share the news with their customers without relying on external designers, marketing teams, or printers. Designing a company newsletter takes time and effort, but luckily Postalytics offers many free newsletter layout templates and newsletter design options that you can use to get started. Just add your text and images, and you’ll have a printed newsletter with a professional look for your business that you can send out in minutes – all at a great price.

Print from anywhere and at any time

You can rely on our commercial printing partners to provide you with the best quality full-color newsletter printing services. We handle all aspects of newsletter printing for you with short or long runs, low cost, and personalization options, ensuring you never have to worry about print quality.

Automatic address verification

Improve your company’s return on investment (ROI) by ensuring that every mailing address on your list is formatted correctly for the Unites States Postal Services (USPS). Postalytics checks your list and makes sure your address data is in the correct format.

Design and edit newsletters easily

We’ve designed templates with marketing design elements to help you create the perfect newsletter to share your business news. Postalytics’ Direct Mail Editor has all the features you need to design and edit your direct mail letters online in minutes.

Newsletter results analysis

Your Home Page Dashboard contains an overview of your newsletter campaigns and their highlights. You can also see activity on your website and conversion rates. For each campaign, you get detailed analytics and charts and graphs to help you understand the data.

How to print your newsletter in 3 easy steps

  1. Sign up for Postalytics

    Sign up for a free direct mail newsletter plan. You can upgrade at any time to get more design and editing features for your newsletter templates.

  2. Start designing your newsletter

    Choose a letter template and replace the sample text with your own, add images and customize using the embedded design tips. Or create your own template with the easy-to-use online design tool.

  3. Send to print

    Create a print template for the newsletter, and after proof approval, click Send. Postalytics will take care of the newsletter printing.

Print your newsletter now

Online newsletter printing

Digital printing has changed the game for direct mail. Previously each personalized campaign was printed separately, which was costly. Marketers had to rely on designers to produce custom newsletter mailings. With Postalytics’ online newsletter printing solutions, you can set up variable data tools, so your messages are unique, no matter how many people are targeted, and without the high overhead costs.

Printing industry newsletters

What is the advantage of printing industry newsletters over sending email newsletters? As it’s easy to ignore email newsletters in an inbox, printed newsletters have a better chance of getting into the hands of decision-makers in your target industry. In terms of response rate, a good direct mail newsletter can achieve 3 to 5%, while email newsletters typically only achieve 0.5%. In addition, printed newsletters are more likely to make it to the “reading room” because they are portable.

Paper specifications

The paper can make the difference between the success and failure of your direct mail. When looking at paper options, there are three areas where paper can differ: finish, weight, and opacity.

Finish = the texture of the paper

Weight = thickness of the paper

Opacity = ability to absorb ink

Postalytics uses a high-quality 60 lb uncoated text paper for full-color newsletter printing. The print size specifications are 8.5×11 page size for a color letter. There are two options for our newsletter mailing services: up to 6 sheets that can be printed one-sided or two-sided, or 12 pages single-sided. You can also print single sheets. We use gloss coating (also called UV coating) on paper for our postcard mailings to complement your newsletter outreach.

Newsletter printing near me

Thanks to Postalytics, you no longer have to worry about finding a reputable and affordable printer to handle your newsletter printing. Our software eliminates the need for customers to interact with print service providers. Instead, our automated direct mail solution creates print-ready files familiar to our print partners in the US. Once you have signed off on your letter material, we send it to our network of nationwide printers. Think of all the time you’ll save now that you don’t have to deal with printers or contact customer service to discuss your options and manage the print ordering process.

Newsletter printing and mailing services from a single dashboard

The traditional printing process typically takes up to five weeks from start to finish. Between contacting printers and account managers, there is a lot of back and forth to get your newsletter mailing sent. Postalytics reduces the execution time of a letter campaign by 95%. You can customize, edit, proof, and send your campaign in minutes using pre-built letter layout templates. Postalytics also handles printing and mailing as part of our per-piece newsletter pricing. There are no time constraints with our online dashboard that gives you 24/7 access to your campaign and tools. Our solution is ideal for small businesses that want to get in on newsletter mailing success.

Ready to print newsletters?

With Postalytics, you can create high-quality custom newsletters that drive engagement and interest in your products. Sign up for a free account, connect with us, and explore our easy-to-use Postalytics design-and-drop tools and templates to create and print newsletters for your prospects with a fast turnaround.


What paper is best for printing a newsletter?

Generally, the glossy paper stock is used for brochures and catalogs. Uncoated paper is best for newsletters and envelopes. Depending on your campaign needs, you can also explore a saddle-stitched newsletter, variations on text stock, a double parallel fold, or UV coating on inside pages.

How can I track the delivery of my newsletter?

One of the challenges marketers face is measuring the success of their campaigns. As a result, they had to wait until the mailings arrived back at the office to determine the effectiveness of their campaigns. Fortunately, Postalytics makes it easy to track newsletter delivery. Our automated direct marketing tools allow you to track the progress of your direct mail campaign in real-time, so you know exactly when they are being delivered.

Can I print newsletters in Canada?

Postalytics has partners across Canada and prints at multiple locations simultaneously. This allows us to offer flexible pricing and short lead times for printing your newsletters and a high-quality product.

What is the benefit of using multiple print partners?

Disruptions and labor shortages during busy holiday periods can affect the success of a newsletter mailing. You don’t have to worry about chain disruptions or labor problems when you have a network of printers you work with – like Postalytics.