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Using matchback analysis for your marketing strategy

If you are doing direct mail marketing, then you should be doing matchback analysis. Matchback analysis allows you to compare your customer lists with your customer data to see how each list performs. This is especially useful if you want to understand how your direct marketing is driving your online sales. With a solid understanding of which marketing is working and which is not, you can identify the best performing aspects of their campaigns (champions) and continually improve your efforts to achieve a higher return on investment (ROI).

To achieve an accurate matchback proper attribution is required. In other words, you are matching the sale to the campaign that generated it. We’ve solved this problem thanks to Postalytics’ automated direct mail solution. Your personal Postalytics dashboard provides campaign-specific analytics and allows you to view and download detailed campaign data of your choice to perform matchback analysis.

Automation for marketing is here

Ensure every shipping address is in the right format for the United States Postal Service (USPS) with Postalytics. Postalytics applies a series of automated checks to your list to ensure address data is formatted correctly.

Get customer insights

Use a postcard or letter template pre-built by Postalytics with built-in address ranges for the postal addresses to ensure your design changes do not impact your mailer’s deliverability. Or design your own with the direct mail designer.

Intelligent delivery analytics

Your Postalytics accounts integrate with your CRM and other tools. You can select a data source to populate the addresses in your template using your mailing list data.

Seamless integrations

Your Postalytics dashboard shows you in real-time all items returned to sender. Use the data to clean up your list for your next campaign to improve your return on investment (ROI).

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Match back your orders now

Matchback in multichannel marketing

Determining which marketing activities caused a particular purchase is commonly referred to as matchback. Marketing has evolved beyond traditional one-way broadcasting, and most companies are promoting their products through multiple channels. This complicates finding out which promotional activity led to a purchase.

The hurdle usually arises when setting up multichannel test cells for all channels. This can be so costly and time-consuming that it’s prohibitive for many small e-commerce or other businesses. Postalytics, a company specializing in marketing automation, offers mail tracking capabilities that allow businesses to analyze the success of a campaign after just one send.

Why do businesses use matchback analysis?

Matchback is important because direct mail responses are only a fraction of what you would get with an attribution element. This is especially true if your offer is not unique or not significantly different from what is found in a branded search or a direct hit on your website.

Without a matchback, you won’t get a complete picture of how successful your direct mail campaign was or be able to create a customer segment to target. A matched record can tell you many things, such as which list, offer, and creative cell the person came from and the responses. Having this full picture helps marketers optimize their strategy within the mail channel and their marketing budget.

Identifying champions when mailing catalogs

Consider including unique offer codes if you have a catalog or promotional campaign. Unique codes for each customer can help marketers gather even more comprehensive data about their customers and identify the best-performing items.

Postalytics offers you an affordable and effective solution for this. You can create and send brochures and send multiple promotions to your mailing list using our online catalog templates. With the templates, you can easily add a unique URL linked to your landing page on the mailers. You can even take it a step further by adding a customized pURL for each person. Our platform also allows you to add a QR code to your mailings.

With QR codes, you can quickly redirect customers to your website without them having to enter any information. You can also collect data on how often the code is scanned. All data is tracked and synced with your campaign dashboard, where you can see which items are performing best in terms of response.

Matchback performance for e-commerce businesses

If you use a platform like Shopify or e-commerce tools for your store, you know that marketing is an effective way to grow your business and generate more sales from your store. Shopify management tools provide you with details about the quality and quantity of traffic from Google Adwords and Facebook ads. The reports also tell you about the Shopify sessions and conversion rates for the campaigns you create in the backend of your online store.

Did you know that you can use Postalytics to improve your matchback process for your e-commerce store? Thanks to integrations with Zapier, Postalystics, and a few other tools, you can create personalized postcards sent to your Shopify abandoned cart subscribers. Responses to these targeted marketing efforts are available on your Postalytics dashboard in real-time. So you’ll always have the response analytics at your fingertips for your e-commerce store.

How much are you losing for not tracking your orders?

When you track your orders, you know who responded to your campaign – and received their order. The post-purchase experience of catalog sales offers opportunity for advertising and should be a top priority. You can engage customers, turn them into repeat buyers, and create brand loyalty.

Once you have your customer response information, how can you use it to improve your direct marketing campaigns? Well, you can use a direct mail dashboard to find out who has responded to your mailings.

You can also use the dashboard to determine who visited pages on your website. This way, you can identify trends. Let us say you find that most people who responded to your mailings visited your product page. With these insights, you can see what’s working and not and adjust future strategies accordingly.

Postalytics helps businesses with marketing campaigns, from creating and sending them to monitoring the campaign’s success. Campaigns can be tracked, with response rates and engagement statistics available on your Postalytics dashboard.

Ready to matchback your orders?

Postalytics is designed to help businesses create great campaigns. Sign up for a free account and use the Send Me Samples feature to send a postcard or mailing sample with your own URL. This way, you can see how the interface works and how it can help you matchback your orders.


What is a matchback report?

A matchback report is where you identify your customers from a specific period and compare them to the catalog mailing list for a particular campaign to create a database of matches. You can determine which catalog mailing was the most successful using incremental sales figures and your catalog recipients.

Can I track my mail in real-time?

Postalytics offers a revolutionary web-based tracking tool. This tool allows customers to respond to your mail in real-time, which you can see in an online dashboard. Personalized QR codes and personalized URLs are used for this service.

How to use pURLs and QR codes

Track your campaign by registering a domain and installing the tracking codes using Postalytics. After installing the tracking codes, drag and drop the pURL and/or QR code variables into your creative template, check them and submit your campaign.

What are source codes in the matchback process?

Catalogs have traditionally relied on being able to trace most of their orders and revenue to a specific source or key code. This is much more difficult in the e-commerce era, when orders come from multiple sources, so matching codes is an important technique. A source code is simply an identifier for a particular house file segment, prospect list, etc. It’s like a label that goes with that specific segment or list.