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Try Postalytics Mail Accounting Tools

Mail accounting software is a valuable tool for business owners who want to save on mailing costs. The software is used to understand how much is being spent on postage for direct mail campaigns and identifies opportunities to make savings. 

Postalytics offers an alternative and more affordable solution to cut postage costs. Running your campaign through Postalytics unlocks state of the art tracking and mail accounting tools. Discover real-time data for every step of the way within your mail campaign. You can use this intel to track your direct mail costs, information which is crucial to measure the return on investment of your direct mail campaign. In addition, our creative templates and other tools help you reduce and better manage your postage costs.

Easy mail tracking

Postalytics analytics tools give you clarity and insight into your campaign every step of the way. You’ll be able to track the delivery of every piece of mail, so you’ll know if it was forwarded or refused by the mail system.

Reduce postage costs

Maintain and improve the health of your mailing list, and reduce postage wastage,  every time Postalytics runs it through the United States Postal Service. Enjoy automatic access to postage savings using our postcard templates

More than mail accounting

Your real-time campaign dashboard tracks campaign progress and provides insights into the postage prices so you can manage the costs of your direct mail campaign. Set a budget and let us do the rest. 

Deep integration is here 

Discover deep integrations with Zoho CRM and other marketing automation tools. You can use your existing software to complement the Postalytics CRM and direct mail applications. 

How To Use Mail Accounting In 3 Steps


Sign up to Postalytics

Sign up for a Pro Postalytics account to enjoy Enhanced Mail Tracking Campaign Dashboards and more. 


Send a direct mail campaign

Create a standard postcard or create a campaign template, design your material and send it to your mailing list


Monitor postage results

Check your Home Dashboard for real-time results of how the campaign performs and your postage costs. 

Postalytics analytics and dashboards

After sending your direct mail campaign, you track the results online in real-time. The Campaign Dashboard is the control center for how you analyze and manage your direct mail campaign. Postalytics uses barcode scanning systems from the United States Postal Service (USPS) to track your mail. This provides detailed data about your campaign’s status, where it is in transit, and what postal sites it has been scanned at.

Because we accurately capture all of the USPS and Canada Post delivery information, we know which mailers have been marked as “return to sender” or given “re-route status.”. These contacts are then marked as “invalid” in your list, so you won’t waste resources by including them in future campaigns.

Verifying mail to reduce wastage

Maintaining the accuracy of your mailing addresses is crucial to maximizing your return on investment. You have two mailing list options with Postalytics. First, you can buy a mailing list that we guarantee is updated and contains high-quality data for leads. Or, you can sync your Postalytics account with your CRM and automate direct mail campaigns. Postalytics has two levels of address validation which will ensure that your mail is delivered to the correct address. In addition, the automated process will guarantee the accuracy of all the addresses in your mailing list before the mailer goes out.

How our postcard templates save you money

If you want to get a better deal with USPS, you need your postcards to be perfectly sized. Postcards that are 6×9 or 6×11 inches qualify for special direct mail postage prices. If your direct mail sizes are outside these dimensions, they will fall into the non-machinable category and cost you more. Our postcard templates ensure your message fits these parameters, so you get this discount. 

Traditional mail accounting vs. Postalytics

As they do with mail accounting solutions, members of your organization can use the Postalytics dashboard to view postage costs, check the status of a campaign, and create reports right from their desktops. Postalytics gives you an in-depth view of individual campaign costs and performance and consolidates data from multiple campaigns without needing additional software. For a fraction of the price of mail accounting software, you also get access to creative templates, deep integrations with software including Hubspot, Zoho, and Zapier, and affordable printing, mailing, and other tools that help you manage your direct mail costs. 

Let Postalytics help you manage costs

Postalytics has simple plans that make the pricing of automated direct mail much more straightforward than the old traditional direct mail and mail accounting methods. Check out our pricing and sign up for a Postalytics account. 


How can I reduce mailing costs? 

Your mailing list cost is factored into your overall direct mail marketing cost, so it’s an easy way to reduce the costs of a campaign. One of the ways Postalytics can save you money is thanks to our flat-rate direct mail pricing system. We take advantage of presorting, National Change of Address, and the Coding Accuracy Support System (CASS) by funneling mail from customers through high volume printers and mailers. This results in a steep discount of about 20% on postage. We pass these benefits on to all of our customers. Our pricing structure gives you a simple way to estimate costs and set effective budgets when using Postalytics.

How can I track mail to calculate mailing costs?

Postalytics and our print partners use an intelligent mail barcode so our clients can track mail with ease. The postal service scans each piece of mail, and we associate it to a contact record as it moves through the process. This way, we receive real-time updates from the post office. You’ll know exactly where your mail is every step of the way. This information is synced back to your CRM, so you can see in your contact records when the piece of mail is delivered.

How can I manage postage costs on a triggered drip campaign? 

Triggered Drip Campaigns are triggered by CRM and Marketing Automation, which means their volume can vary dramatically. To manage costs, you will want to purchase Direct Mail Credits from Postalytics. They work just like stamps for your Triggered Drip Campaigns, and they’re available for mailings in the United States and Canada. These credits are a great way to save on per piece fees, while you can still benefit from volume discounts.