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Find out how you can use direct mail webhooks for event notifications and triggered mail campaigns

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Stay notified about key events happening in your direct mail campaigns. Keep your accounts connected and share data in real time between apps.

Trigger events with webhooks

Stop relying on your team to trigger campaigns manually.

Trigger direct mail from third-party automation tools using incoming webhooks. Save time by setting specific actions and using Postalytics webhooks to automate direct marketing activities.

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Get real-time data on key events

Real-time feedback and alerts prevent delays in sending important direct mail campaigns or messages.

With webhooks, stay updated on every step of your direct mail campaign and triggers by getting real-time notifications on your apps and platforms.

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Share data with different tools

Say goodbye to data silos and ineffective communication relays caused by different alerts and notifications on different tools.

Use webhooks to connect multiple applications, share data with your different accounts, and get alerts for every tool your team uses.

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Stay in sync

Event data that is not in sync across all platforms causes confusion and chaos.

With webhooks, any notification alert or event change is reflected across all tools instantaneously so your team can take the next step with the right data.

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“I would not use anything for marketing unless I could track it. When I learned about the metrics available from Postalytics, I saw direct mail was something that would work for me.”

– Tim O’Hare, Real Living McLemore & Co, Realtors

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