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With Postalytics’ library of pre-built templates, direct mail marketers can deliver direct impact quickly.


Customize direct mail templates or use them as-is to deliver high-ROI campaigns.

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Get access to pre-built templates

Access hundreds of readymade templates in our template library and customize them inside Postalytics with an in-built direct mail editor – no more complicated design tools.


If your business doesn’t have an extensive design team, these templates allow you to start experimenting with direct marketing.

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Edit, copy, proof, or delete templates from library

With the direct mail editor in Postalytics, you can customize templates and align them with your branding. 


Marketers can search through templates by adding filters or searching for the specific template name. These templates can be easily copied for a particular campaign or deleted.

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Personalize direct mail templates

Personalized direct mail gets higher responses and conversions than generic direct mail.


Creating personalized direct mail pieces no longer takes hours of your time. With Postalytics, add variable data to templates to create customized mail pieces for every recipient in your mailing list.

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Manage creative templates for your agency

With Postalytics Agency Edition, you can manage multiple direct campaigns seamlessly for different clients across industries.


Create, proof, and generate custom pre-built templates for all your client sub-accounts. Our template library makes storage and template management easier.

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JM Sells Law uses integrations to trigger personalized mails

Learn how JM Sells Law drivers 5% responses and 75% conversion with Postalytics

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Discover 3,000+ direct mail integrations developed to help marketers

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Enable personalization for templates with variable data

Nuclear Care Partners uses variable data to create personalized campaigns at scale

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Stand out in a crowded market with personalization

Professional education firm uses Postalytics to handle mass personalization with variable data

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Drive personalized direct mail with integrations

Credit Union uses Salesforce integration to revolutionize the direct mail process

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Combine offline with online to track direct campaigns

Sigma Marketing Insights uses pURLs to track the online activity of their direct mail recipients

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“Postalytics makes it easy. Once we set up our templates and define all the variables, we just schedule the mailings. They almost always arrive on the target date”

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