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Commercial Printing

Use commercial printing to print quality mail and postcards

commercial printing

Get commercial printing for direct mail

Direct mail is an effective tool for promoting a business, but it’s used by many businesses in the United States and Canada. So, how can you ensure that your direct mailing stands out? It’s hard not to get lost with all the junk mail out there. When it comes to promotional material, nothing matters more than the quality of your printing. You need to make a good impression and can’t expect a customer to be interested in your products and services if your promotional material features smudged letters and dull colors. 
One way to ensure that your mailing doesn’t get tossed is to use Postalytics’ automated direct mail services. Our network of quality nationwide commercial printing partners helps us get printing jobs done quickly and cost-effectively so we can offer you superior postcards, brochures and flyers, with the added benefits of short runs, low costs, and personalization.

No minimum print runs

Use Postalytics to design, print and mail a wide selection of mailer formats, including postcards, brochures, flyers and letters. Thanks to our print network partners, you can print as few or as many as you need to. 

High-quality commercial printing

Using Postalytics creative templates ensures the dimensions and specifications of your mailers adheres to print specifications, including bleed and trim. Your material will print correctly every time. 

Print any time, any day

No more delays caused by local printers. Access your templates or material online at Postalytics 24/7. This means you can design, proof and print your direct mail at a convenient time and from the comfort of home. 

Print services you can trust

Postalytics ensures that our partners meet compliance, safety, and security operations standards. These commercial digital printers are vetted to ensure their printing output meets our criteria.

How To Use Commercial Printing In 3 Steps


Sign up to Postalytics

Get started with a free Postalytics account and begin creating and designing your direct mail within minutes. 


Check your material

Use the Template Proofer tool to confirm your creative is print-ready. It will let you know if the image quality is good enough and if the bleed area is sufficient to ensure nothing is cut off when printed. 


Send your direct mail

Once proofed, your templates can be used in a Postalytics Smart Send or Triggered Drip campaign and will be automatically printed. 

The best choice for commercial printing

Commercial printing is a term that refers to printing for businesses. Commercial digital printing is an excellent choice for companies who need to print quickly and on-demand. Digital prints are also cheaper than other forms of commercial printing, which is just one of the reasons Postalytics has partnered with a network of quality digital printers to produce the letters, brochures, flyers and letters our clients create on our platform. 

It takes under 10 seconds for a person to make a first impression, so quality printing is crucial. Your printed material will reflect the standards you set in your company. It shows that you care how you present your business to potential customers. The quality of digital commercial printing we use is just as good as offset printing traditionally used for commercial printing.

No hassle direct mail printing

Postalytics can reduce the execution time on a direct mail campaign by 95%, from 90 days to less than a day. The traditional print process can take up to five weeks from start to finish. There is a lot of back and forth between business owners and account managers. Proofing, new templates, and updating merge variables all take time. Postalytics removes the hassle of finding, booking and engaging with a commercial printer. 

You can use pre-built direct marketing templates online and customize and edit them using intuitive design tools. Using the proofing tools, you can check your final material. There are no time constraints either because our online platform gives you access to your campaign 24/7.  

All-inclusive pricing

The cost of printing direct mail campaigns varies depending on the weight of the paper, the type of paper and envelope, and whether you’re printing in color or black and white. A typical campaign might cost $0.05-$1.00 per person to print. The weight of the paper you use to print significantly impacts your shipping costs too. This is because heavier pieces are more expensive to ship, and postage rates change based on the weight of the package.

We know that complicated pricing structures make it hard for customers to budget for campaigns. That’s why we have created an easy-to-use pricing structure that bundles printing, postage, and tracking into one, simple cost-per-piece.

Affordable small print runs

The Postalytics system automatically connects us to printing companies across the country. They already own the equipment necessary to meet the standards for high-quality mail pieces, so all we have to do is ask them to print our orders. Postalytics works with multiple customers at once, so order sizes are flexible. Our customers can send direct mail without worrying about minimum list size.

Personalized commercial print

Before high-quality commercial digital printing was readily available, each personalized direct mail campaign variation would have been a separate press run, making the project expensive. Postalytics printing solutions have changed everything by allowing our clients to take advantage of the variable data tools for their campaigns. Digital commercial printing accommodates variable printing so that you can send a unique mailer to every one of your leads without huge overheads. 

To find out more about how you can create quality, affordable direct mail material using the Postalytics platform, sign up for free and send a sample postcard to try it out. 


What is commercial printing?

Commercial printing is a service that takes a business’s advertising and marketing materials and prints them on paper. Commercial printing is versatile and can be used for various projects, from small to large-scale campaigns, because the printers have the equipment and capacity to do both. There are no limits to what can be printed with commercial printing, which is why it is suitable for direct marketing campaigns. 

How can I find a commercial printer near me? 

You don’t need to, thanks to Postalytics. You never have to interact with print service providers, because we choose and assess top-quality printers across the country that we work with. Our software generates print-ready files familiar to our print partners. 

How can I check if my direct mail template is ready for the printer?

An important part of any mail order campaign is the direct mail proof. It is a preliminary copy of your piece that is used to make sure the designer and printer agree on the desired outcome before sending it into production. At Postalytics, we make it easy for you to create a digital proof of your mailer within the templating system.