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Insurance Postcard Templates

You Can Create Insurance Postcards Templates with Postalytics

Create and Design Insurance Postcards Templates

When you’re an insurance agent, one of the most challenging aspects of your job is getting people to talk to you. You can’t just expect them to come to you; they may need to trust you before giving you their time. Postcards are a great way to build trust and advertise for insurers, whether it’s to promote health insurance or send a mailer to remind clients to update their life insurance.

Postalytics offers creative templates that you can customize online and tailor for your insurance direct mail marketing campaigns. Templates are visual assets that can be reused as part of your insurance direct mail campaigns. We have made it simple for you! We’ve created a new way to design postcards that is hassle-free. Now anyone in the insurance business can design their own postcard templates.

Postcard Templates for Insurance Direct Mail 

We offer a variety of templates for postcards to choose from. Our designers have already created pre-built postcard templates that you can easily customize to fit your clients’ needs without needing any design experience.

Create Custom Templates 

You can also start building a template from scratch with Postalytics’ drag-and-drop Direct Mail Editor.  Or use the downloadable Style Guide to construct all or part of your template in your preferred design program and then upload your material into the template. 

Use Postcard Templates and Save

With Postalytics, you create your postcard template in minutes and get it right every time. Why does this matter? According to USPS, a postcard size isn’t variable, and you need to use the correct dimensions in our postcard templates to qualify for their cheap postage rate and first-class postage.

Steps To Creating a Template

Once you have created a template using Postalytics, it is in “edit” mode until it is “proofed,” at which point any edits made can’t be changed. Once proofed, you can use your templates in your campaigns.

Use Templates Over and Over

Once you’ve created and customized an insurance postcard template, you can use it for any insurance-related campaign or ad. You’ll need to change the design and wording, but the postcard should always include your logo and contact details, as well as a friendly photo of you.

Try the Template Out

We also give you the option to send postcard samples to yourself to try our unique online postcard maker and mailing service. Give it a go! Create a template for your health insurance marketing ideas, or send yourself a life insurance advertisement sample!


How to create insurance postcard templates?

You can take advantage of the streamlined process in Postalytics to build an insurance template for your postcard advertising in just a few clicks. Use a pre-built template, create your own or make it offline. 

How to design insurance postcard templates?

With Postalytics, we’ve taken care of the design of postcard templates. Our talented designers have already done all the work for you. You can customize your design. Change colors, fonts, resize elements, change images, and more to create a unique postcard template for your insurance business.

What to include in an insurance postcard template?

When customizing your postcard template, make sure to include your company name, logo, and tagline in your insurance advertising postcard.