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Direct Mail Automation for B2B Promotion

With an ROI of 112%, direct mail outperforms mediums like SMS, email, and paid search. Take your marketing to the next level with direct mail automation.

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Streamline Your B2B Promotion Efforts

Create and deploy impactful direct mail campaigns with our initiative interface.


Our platform allows easy prospect list importing for precise targeting, smart scheduling for maximum engagement, and automated follow-ups for effective lead nurturing.

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Seamless Integration with Your Marketing Toolbox

With Postalytics, direct mail can be integrated with your email & digital campaigns to drive higher response, leads, and sales.

Postalytics seamlessly integrates with B2B tools like HubSpot Harmony, Salesforce Synergy, Marketo Merge, and many other custom integrations.

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Data-Driven Decision-Making

With Postalytics, harness comprehensive campaign performance tracking, analyze and optimize based on segmentation insights, measure impact on ROI and continuously refine your campaign.


With A/B testing, you can experiment with messaging and designs to find the winning combinations.

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Discover 3,000+ direct mail integrations developed to help marketers

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“Postalytics allows users to manage direct mail in a way that reduces excess sends and saves time.”

– Jon Pierotti, Zogics Inc.

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