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Use Postalytics targeted mailing lists to get new HVAC leads

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Get New Quality HVAC Leads

To grow your HVAC business you need to make people aware of your services and generate HVAC leads. No doubt there is heavy competition in your local area which means it is important to invest in a direct mail campaign to drive brand awareness and more importantly bring you new leads.

Direct mail is an affordable and effective way of generating HVAC leads. It gives you a direct line of communication to potential customers and a chance to distinguish your brand from the competition. Postalytics is a large-scale lead generation company that helps HVAC businesses connect with leads. We do this by using our proprietary mailing lists and email databases to deliver highly targeted audiences to our customers.

Buy HVAC mailing lists

Postalytics helps HVAC businesses find the best mailing and emailing lists to target potential customers. We buy mailing lists from premium list brokers in the United States, which are constantly updated with the latest consumer data and addresses.

Use filters to hyper-target HVAC customers

Reach quality leads in your area using our consumer mailing lists. We provide first and last names, complete mailing addresses, and more detailed data. For example, you can filter by location, age, and income to create a highly targeted list.

Craft your HVAC messaging

Quality data is needed to segment your audience. Creating segments on your mailing lists lets you send customized messaging, offers, and calls to action (CTA’s) to your target audience in your HVAC postcards, HVAC letters, or other HVAC direct mail material.

Use targeted mailing list to boost ROI

Campaigns may need to include a range of direct mail material to identify what works best for your target market. Our tools empower you to automatically send mail and measure the response rate to identify what HVAC postcard or mailer converts best.

How To Get HVAC Leads In 3 Steps


Sign up to Postalytics

Sign up for Postalytics, create a template and purchase a consumer mailing list for your HVAC campaign. 


Filter the mailing list

Choose “selects” from the easy-to-use Postalytics tool to filter potential HVAC leads by area or demographics you want to target. 


Send your HVAC campaign

Design and send your HVAC postcard, flyer, brochure, or HVAC letter, and Postalytics will automatically mail it to your targeted mailing list of new HVAC leads. 

Why do HVAC companies need lead generation?

If you’re in the air conditioning business, getting HVAC leads is the first step in growing your business. There are plenty of potential customers out there, you just have to find them.  Today, 80% of homes in the United States have air conditioners, and the number is most likely higher in commercial buildings. With more customers than ever before searching for HVAC companies and services, HVAC lead generation is an essential tool for your success. With direct mail, you can nurture your leads, promote your products, and keep your customers engaged so you’re always top of mind when they need a solution you provide. There are plenty of other local HVAC contractors out there competing hard to attract and retain customers. If your HVAC company doesn’t try just as hard, you risk losing potential customers to competitors.

Why targeted mailing lists for HVAC prospects?

One of the biggest mistakes HVAC companies can make with direct mail is failing to identify a targeted audience – the segment of the population they want to connect with. Sending mail to a broad audience won’t deliver a good response rate or return on investment for your campaign. The more defined your target market is, the more likely they will be to respond to your call to action. If you’re not sure where opportunities lie, testing segments to further identify who responds to your marketing is an excellent strategy. You can do so by creating more than one segmented list. For example, an HVAC business could have different lists for existing customers, new housing developments, and homeowners in older neighborhoods.

Why quality mailing lists save money

Sending mail to old addresses that haven’t been recently verified is a waste of money. But there’s an easy way around that. The National Change of Address file updates the address of people who have moved. Postalytics automatically updates the addresses on our mailing lists with the United States Postal Service (USPS) to make sure mail sent through our service, using our mailing lists, is delivered to the prospects you intended. All Postalytics mailing lists are compiled using top-quality data too. We only use information that is refreshed by our list suppliers every 30 days to ensure a high return on investment for our clients.

Converting leads to customers

One of the primary purposes of direct mail marketing is to build brand awareness in the area your HVAC business operates. Your marketing efforts need to communicate to your leads what makes your business better than others offering HVAC services in the area, and provide a good reason for potential customers to switch from their current HVAC contractors. Using Postalytics tools you can “geo-target” your mailing list so your mailers are sent to a predefined location, such as a zip code, street, or apartment building. When you use our mailing lists to target these areas by filtering your mailing list by location, you know you are one step further to converting leads to customers ready to book your services. 

Personalize mail for your prospects

In addition to using our online “selects” filters to identify potential leads by geographical data with your offers, Postalytics personalization tools can also help make the message you send them more relevant and compelling. According to research by the United States Postal Service (USPS), when a piece of direct mail arrives with a first name greeting, a prospect is more likely to respond because they have been made to feel “special.” 

Consider multi-channel marketing

If you’re going to get the word out about your HVAC services, email is another great way to target your audience. Thanks to Postalytics, you don’t have to worry about navigating the complicated legalities of buying email mailing lists. Postalytics can help you reach your target customers by combining direct mail and digital tools to streamline your outreach. Using online tools, we provide you with personalized URLs for your mailers. 

They deliver easy navigation to your landing page for your leads and a simple channel email for more of them to follow up. Postalytics’ automated direct mail can track the number of people who have clicked on your mail, made it to your landing page, and converted to become a responsive HVAC lead. Want to give them another reminder to book your services? You can even send targeted follow-ups with the click of a button, thanks to triggered direct mail tools.

Power up your marketing with our mailing lists 

Postalytics can help you purchase mailing lists of people likely to buy your HVAC products and services. We can help you acquire these high-quality lists at competitive pricing. With “saturation lists”, you can choose your targets from a database of every known address in the USA verified by the USPS. “Consumer lists” enable you to zero in on geographies and demographics like age, income, homeownership, and more. We love having conversations about how Postalytics works to help HVAC contractors acquire leads. If you want to know how we can help you, don’t hesitate to reach out.


How to get HVAC residential leads?

Sending your mailer to the right people in an area you know your HVAC services are needed is one of the most important aspects of a successful marketing strategy. The geo-targeting option for mailing lists from Postalytics allows you to target a specific location. You can zero in on all the HVAC leads in a particular geographical area by radius or make ZIP code choices to get new HVAC residential leads. 

How to get more HVAC commercial jobs?

Buying a business mailing list with Postalytics is a great way to tap into the key decision-makers at commercial companies you want to target for your HVAC services. When you buy a business mailing list, you can send targeted commercial direct mail campaigns and increase your commercial sales.