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Create Affordable Dental Brochures for Your Practice

Many people in your community need to get dental care but may not know about your practice. Direct mail marketing is a great way to reach potential new patients and advertise specials or your services to get them through your door. A customized direct mail brochure helps you spread the word about the treatments you offer, from root canals to extractions.

Why should your dental office rely on a brochure when you could go digital? Well, for one thing, brochures are surprisingly affordable for small businesses. Especially with Postalytics’ direct mail creative templates, you can design your own brochure to promote your dental practice or generate brochure material for your office in minutes. Our dental brochure templates are designed by pro graphic designers, which means you’re working with quality material guaranteed to get your creative juices flowing.

Let’s look at why using our direct mail design platform to create your own dental brochures could be a game-changer for your practice.

Design Your Own Brochures

Postalytics offers templates and simple editing tools to create direct marketing brochures that save money you’d need to spend on expensive design studios.

Build Trust With Patients

Sharing your knowledge to educate your patients about oral health care is a great way to build trust in your community, and edge out the competition.

Promote Specials

Create, design and send a promotional campaign in minutes to promote add-on services like teeth whitening to boost business during quiet spells.

End-to-End Service

We’ll do all the hard work for you so it’s easy! We can handle direct mail printing, ship your dental brochure campaign and track the campaign results. 

Easy Steps to Create and Design Brochures

  1. Sign up to Postalytics for free

    Sign up for a free plan and you’ll get instant access to our dental brochure templates. Our easy and intuitive design-and-drag tools make it easier than ever. 

  2. Get started designing dental brochures

    Use one of our prebuilt templates, or create a brochure online. Upload your logo, choose colors, and add pictures. Alternatively, build a brochure offline.

  3. Design and ship like a pro

    Use the online dental brochure editor tools to change text and add information. We recommend you personalize your brochure too with tracking tools and QR codes we provide. 

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Grow Your Dental Practice

Make your own dental brochure! One way to impress potential clients is to invest in a brochure. This gives them a sense of your professionalism and willingness to take the time to reach out to the community you work in. Offers are a great way to incentivise your current clients to return and to attract new ones. We’ve made dental brochure design so easy for you. Some brochure material ideas for you include: 

  • A discount for teeth whitening or an oral hygiene session
  • A dental pamphlet that serves as a reminder that patients are due for a six-monthly check-up
  • Educational material around issues such as oral cancer screening
  • Introduce your dentists to clients and emphasize what sets your practice apart from the competition
  • A dental office brochure they can take away after an appointment

Personalization is Key

The best thing about Postalytics’ brochure templates is that you can make multiple brochures with one template. So if you want to create brochures for young parents, established families, and senior patients, you can use the same template for all three, adapting the images and text with our intuitive drag-and-drop tools. We also empower you to personalize each brochure with variable logic tools and distribute them for a direct mail drip campaign that syncs with your current CRM database. Imagine how impressed someone in your neighbourhood would be to receive a brochure that targets their dental needs and greets them on a first-name basis? 

Keep Your Campaign Rolling

Not everyone who receives your dental brochure will take up the offer immediately; they might need a little nudging to take action. A triggered drip campaign solves this, and Postalytics provides the perfect platform for automation to do so. Connect your brochure campaign to a trigger event in your software, and let your data drive it. This ensures that it’s always in operation in the background– sending out brochures when needed, at just the right moment at any point in the customer journey.

Keep Tabs on Response

Postalytics’ tools keep you in the loop of what happens after you send a brochure with delivery and online response tracking too. Postalytics Triggered Direct Mail Drip campaigns track every brochure that you send. You attach a unique barcode to each brochure, and we sync it back to your contact and mail tracking data. You can also include a personalized URL. This will activate the online response tracking so you know who has responded to your email. You can see what pages they’ve visited, the ones that converted, and more from your personal dashboard on Postalytics.

Ready to Improve Your Marketing? 

Postalytics can help you print and mail brochures, too! To learn more, watch our quick Postalytics demo video that teaches you about our templates and how you can get things started. Or, contact Postalytics.


How to create dental brochures?

Looking for a quick, affordable, quality brochure design solution? We’ve got you covered. Our team of professional designers have already created all the brochure templates you’ll need to design a dental brochure.

How to design dental brochures?

Our online dental brochure makers take care of it for you. Postalytics has a team of designers who create brochure templates for dental offices. They include all the information you need to get you started and make brochure design easy!

What to include in a dental brochure?

Use good quality photography and client testimonials to make a great impression and build trust when you use our dental brochure creator. It’s so easy to use our online dental brochure templates. You can intuitively add text, images, and details to the template you choose and customize elements such as Calls To Action. Try it out and send yourself a dental brochure sample.