New Templates, Fonts & More

December 2017 Postalytics Update

We’ve released some cool new features, just in time for the Holidays. Here’s a quick summary:

New Postcard and Letter Templates

We continue to add new direct mail postcard and letter templates to our library of pre-built direct mail templates. These free, professionally designed postcard and letter templates are easily modified for both Smart Send and Triggered Drip Campaigns.

Double The Fonts Supported, Including Cursive

There’s nothing that direct mail creatives like more than…MORE FONTS! With this latest release, we give you 25 new fonts to use in your postcard and letter templates, including:

  • Serif fonts like Josefin Slab, Old Standard TT and Roboto Slab
  • Sans-Serif fonts like Cabin, Nunito and Quicksand
  • Cursive or Script fonts like Abril Fatface (great name!), Lobster (we are from New England), and Pinyon Script

Jump into the direct mail editor to check out the new font options. They can be used as overall template fonts or in a particular text element within a template.

Direct Mail List Uploading

We’ve added support for lists that are using “Company” as the primary identifier for the address of your mail. Since some lists have minimal First Name/Last Name information, especially purchased lists of businesses. Now, new uploaded lists will mark contacts as “Valid” if the contacts have an Address, City, State, Zip Code and EITHER First Name/Last Name OR Company fields.

Additionally, the list upload de-duplication process has been updated to manage lists that use Company as the primary identifier.

Much More Coming

We’re just getting started with the enhancements to Postalytics. New features, new integrations and usability enhancements are all on the way.