Infusionsoft Keap Integration, Campaign Archive Features — Postalytics Update

Infusionsoft Keap Initegration With Postalytics

The latest update to Postalytics includes some important new campaign archive features and a new Infusionsoft Keap integration for our Triggered Drip campaigns.

Infusionsoft Keap Triggered Drip Direct Mail Integration

Infusionsoft Keap is a leading small business marketing, sales and e-commerce software tool used by more than 30,000 businesses. It’s a fully integrated CRM and Marketing Automation tool with a powerful and highly visual “automations” builder. Postalytics has many customers that have been using the Infusionsoft Keap Zapier integration, and we’ve heard from them that they’d like to be able to trigger mail directly from Postalytics, without having to go through Zapier.

Now, as a Postalytics user (all plans), you can trigger postcards and letters from your Infusionsoft Keap Pro or Max account. The new integration uses the “HTTP Post” function of the “Advanced Automations” feature available in these versions.

This means that now Infusionsoft Keap customers can take advantage of full direct mail automation capability for a variety of use cases, including:

  • Post purchase thank you/review request
  • Email ghosting or unsubscribers
  • Birthdays/anniversaries/date driven mailers
  • Sale announcements
  • Openings and other events

You can learn more about the In, fusionsoft Keap direct mail integration by checking out the help documentation.

Campaign Recipient Detail Archiving

campaign archive indication campaign listing - Postalytics

Postalytics has an amazing capacity to gather information about the delivery and response of each individual that is mailed to. We collect a tremendous amount of data from both the USPS Intelligent Mail Barcode tools as well as your landing pages and website when you take advantage of our pURL and QR code tracking features.

All of this data is particularly useful when marketers are analyzing what’s happening or happened in a campaign. After a campaign has been finished for a while, we’ve learned that this data becomes less useful to marketers, and is simply clogging up accounts with unnecessary details.

As a result, we’ve developed a new Campaign Archiving process. This process will automatically run on campaigns that have been inactive (no new mailers being sent) for over 365 days. It will essentially summarize what’s happened in your campaign and present it on the Campaign Dashboard. When the archiving process is completed, you’ll no longer be able to access the individual recipient level details of what’s happened. You’ll see a summary of what happened in your campaign that looks like this:

Archived direct mail campaign - details from Postalytics

Prior to the archive process being run, your campaigns will be labeled “Archived Scheduled” in the Campaign Listing and in the Campaign Dashboard. The date that the archiving process will kick in will be displayed.

If there’s any campaign detail information that you need to keep, we recommend that you download any recipient level details into .CSV files using the “Export” feature prior to the archive date.

For more information about the archiving process, including how to review your campaigns that are scheduled for or have been archived, please review the Archive Campaigns help documentation:

Your Ideas Really Help!

Thanks to everyone for their great suggestions on how we can improve Postalytics. We love to hear from you, and we’re excited to continue to find ways to reduce the friction associated with direct mail marketing.

If you have any thoughts or ideas you’d like to share — please do! Your feedback has been a very important part of the way we’ve shaped our product roadmap. You’ll be seeing many more updates in the coming months as a result of user input.