Postalytics Makes Latka 250 Fastest Growing SaaS Company List

latka 250 fastest growing saas companies

Here at Postalytics, we’re 100% focused on building game changing direct mail automation software. As a result, sometimes we forget that every now and then we should take a moment to recognize where we’ve been and what we’ve accomplished. When we were recently told that Postalytics had made the Latka 250 Fastest Growing SaaS company list, we thought this would be a good opportunity to step back and reflect.

Why is this a big deal? Because over 5,000 companies applied, and we were a part of the top 5% that made the list!

What’s the Latka 250 Fastest Growing SaaS list?

Every year, Nathan Latka publishes this list of fastest growing SaaS startups. Nathan is a SaaS industry analyst, who sold his company in 2015 and has started a very popular podcast (SaaS Interviews with CEO’s, Startups & Founders), and a database of SaaS startups at I had a great interview with Nathan back in late 2018 and we’ve kept in touch ever since. After sharing some recent growth figures, we recently learned that we made the 2020 Latka 250 Fastest Growing SaaS Company list!

2020: A Record Year, Despite The Craziness

2020 was a really tough year for many, many people, from both a personal and a business standpoint. That’s part of the reason that we at Postalytics are so grateful that despite the challenges, we experienced tremendous growth. A few key milestones that we can share:

  • 43% in Nathan’s year-over-year growth metric (or 60% the way our finance team measures!)
  • 137% growth in Triggered Direct Mail volume
  • Our 3,000th customer signed up!

Things Are Accelerating In 2021

As the world slowly starts to recover from the pandemic, more and more marketers are turning to Postalytics to provide a smarter way to do direct mail marketing. As we’ve highlighted in our software updates, we’ve invested heavily in infrastructure to support our growth. With all that new infrastructure in place, 2021 will see our growth even further. What can you expect to see?

  • More integrations!
  • Better analytic tools!
  • More formats (like the new custom envelopes we just launched)!

More About The Latka 250

We’d like to thank Nathan and the Latka team for recognizing Postalytics on the Latka 250 Fastest Growing SaaS Businesses. More importantly, we thank our customers, who we work so hard to support, for believing in us and helping to make this happen.