Healthcare Marketing Strategies That Absolutely Work in 2024

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As a leading direct mail marketing platform, we spend a lot of time analyzing top marketing strategies in competitive industries, like healthcare services.

Healthcare requires compelling marketing strategies and modern-day technology to build trust with your patients and customers.

Healthcare marketers have been investing in triggered CRM integrations and direct mail automation. Healthcare consumers and patients respond well to personalized direct mail offers, and most say they’re happy to receive such a promotion. In addition, more than 70% of recipients say they open their mail straight away and often take action to pursue the offer from such mail shortly after.

Besides CRM integrations and direct mail automation, here are the top healthcare marketing strategies that absolutely work. 

Build a Consistent Brand for Healthcare Consumers

The idea of changing the logo, altering your core message, or moving to a new destination may look tempting but can greatly impact healthcare consumers. 

Consistent brands are more likely to retain customers than a brand that incorporates new things or makes big changes every few months. Consistency sends a message and encourages clients to trust your brand. This consistency helps people associate trustworthiness and stability with your brand.

But what is brand consistency? For healthcare providers, brand consistency builds expectations in consumers’ minds. This refers to the results you can offer. If they notice that your company is consistently changing, they’ll feel confused about your services and won’t develop that much-needed trust.

The core aspects of your brand need to remain consistent throughout your brand journey. This includes the quality of your services but also aspects of your brand that made you popular among the target audience. For instance, if your selling point is that patients can access you at any time of the day, and that’s what makes you popular, then you can’t stop offering 24/7 services.

Some other things that you need to keep consistent in healthcare marketing are:

  • Mission statement
  • Brand colors
  • Logo
  • Color palette
  • Healthcare services & products

Set Your Healthcare Practice Apart from the Competition

Healthcare providers face fierce competition. 

At any given time, at least several clinics, pharmacies, and hospitals promise to offer customers to alleviate their pains entirely. It’s no doubt that many of them provide exceptional services and assistance to customers looking for any type of medical help. If you want your healthcare organization to thrive in this environment, it’s crucial to set yourself apart from competitors.

One of the simplest and easiest ways to do that is to offer something extra to customers. Going the extra mile for your customer is a good start. Hence, providing them a service that no other healthcare facility offers, such as 24/7 access to online help or same-day delivery, will make your customers and patients appreciate your brand. 

Also, healthcare facilities and treatments are often complex to understand. You can design education programs that help understand a particular health condition, its diagnosis, and treatment.

Though strategically designing your brand to beat competitors is important, you need to help customers understand how you’re different from others. Marketing campaigns can build awareness of your brand’s features and properties. These strategies can help your customers pass through the marketing funnel. Based on the marketing methods you choose, you can build top-of-mind awareness. So whenever your target audience requires healthcare assistance, they will come to you.

Cut through the Digital Noise with Direct Mail Automation

Wondering what marketing campaigns can help you stand out, reach more leads and spend less money for more results? 

Digital marketing is getting too crowded and expensive. And healthcare marketers have found another way to stay on track with competitive KPIs through direct mail marketing and automation. Direct mail marketing has been outperforming all other health marketing channels and its strategies lately. More than 70% of recipients open their mail immediately and often take action based on the offer inside their mailbox. Compared to other channels, direct mail has been providing the best return on investment across healthcare marketing channels.

Direct mail marketing is an evergreen concept, and brands have been using it successfully for centuries. But with the advent of digital space came ease and convenience, causing many healthcare providers to move their marketing strategies to the digital world. You can use this to your benefit. Being different pays off – especially being different when others have yet to catch up with the way you’re being different.

Some 40% of marketers are not aware of the latest automatons and advancements in direct mail marketing. Healthcare marketers don’t have to hire expensive teams of mail experts, designers, and printers to mail a campaign. With Postalytics, they can now send direct mail in a few easy clicks, using design templates, tracking tools, and smooth workflows. Check out this Postalytics demo for more information.

We understand that practicing standard ways of direct mail is challenging. Of course, no healthcare provider has time to design, create, assemble, and post letters and postcards. 

Fortunately, Postalytics have made it easier. Use Postalytics to send unlimited personalized mail to consumers automatically. Postalytics offers ready-to-use templates and personalization options, then assembles and posts your mail. This tool works directly without your assistance. 

Hence, once you sign in to Postalytics, just choose a few options and let your marketing efforts work harder for you.

Find the Best Channels for Healthcare Marketing

Marketing is crucial for any business, whether it’s a healthcare provider or food catering. However, not every marketing channel offers the conversion rate, sales, and customer retention you are looking for. While some marketers perform extraordinarily well with conventional advertisement techniques, others may not prosper and thrive with print and TV advertisements.

Furthermore, the healthcare industry is a bit different from others. It has a more serious audience who are, most often, desperately looking for assistance. The audience is also much more cautious and skeptical about the services or products you provide. After all, it’s a matter of your audience’s health. They need to be completely sure before making a decision. Therefore, choose a channel that not only shows your brand’s properties but also convinces people that you equally care for their health.

Direct mail for healthcare is a perfect marketing channel. Sending personalized mail to your target audience will encourage them to consider and praise the effort you put in to engage with them. Highlighting their problem and giving a solution via mail will compel them to contact you the next time they need assistance.

Direct Mail Marketing Offers The Best ROI in every Marketing Mix

No matter how big your marketing budget is, you need a positive return on marketing investment. 

Direct mail marketing for healthcare offers the highest ROI in the least time compared to email campaigns or digital ads. These strategies have the potential to boost ROI by 20% when the campaign is executed well with compelling copy and offers.

But to gain higher ROI, you need to design your campaign thoughtfully. Your mail needs to be compelling and convincing, containing a printed QR code or personalized link to help customers get more details about your offer. Not to mention, mail needs to be precise, easy to understand, and have a personalized message to deliver maximum results. Postalytics can provide you with all these features and allow you to engage with your consumers in the best way.

With Postalytics, you can deliver personalized experiences to every member of your target audience. This breakthrough technology creates, automates, ships, and tracks your mail without any need for assistance. Since they’re highly strategic, direct mail campaigns work best in omnichannel and marketing mixes. So, whatever core message your business has and the services you provide, this marketing tool will help you thrive.

Create a Strong Website for Healthcare Organizations

We all have a habit of reaching for Google when we encounter a problem. Similarly, many healthcare marketing case studies show consumer dependence on the internet. In fact, 89% of prospective patients in the US check their health symptoms on Google before they go to any doctor. A well-designed website can help you attract prospective patients looking for assistance on the internet.

A strong website means fully optimizing your website to rank higher on search engines. For search engine optimization, take help from experts who can use advanced tools and methods to become the best site in the healthcare industry. Additionally, it should contain trustworthy and accurate information about different health conditions, diagnosis procedures, treatment methods, and medical fields. Since your target audience may or may not have an understanding of industry jargon, using easy-to-understand terms is vital.

Your website also needs to be free of flaws. There is no room for errors or slow website speed. A person struggling with a health condition needs a precise answer quickly. If you’re unable to give one, they will quickly move to another site. Categorizing information on your site will also make you the best source of information. This increasing trust between you and your customer will lead to a higher conversion rate.

Personalization as Healthcare Marketing Strategy

You might have heard marketers discussing personalization as the key to attracting a target audience. But have you wondered what personalization is and why it’s important? Let us help you understand. Personalization means using any marketing strategy to provide each consumer with a personal experience. More precisely, personalization techniques allow you to offer each patient a solution to their specific problem. This means not using the same advertisement and message to interact and engage with your customers.

Personalization has tremendous benefits for both consumers and health facilities. It improves customer experiences, builds trust, and offers a solution to their problem. In today’s world, customers want to engage and connect with their favorite companies. They want to feel valued by your brand, so you can use personalization techniques to make them feel special.

A personalized marketing strategy leads to stronger brand loyalty, increases click-through rate, and ultimately boosts revenue. So, if you want to increase your customer count in less time, you need to incorporate personalization methods into your healthcare organization’s marketing strategy.

Include QR Codes and pURLs in the Healthcare Direct Mail Campaign

If you opt for direct mail as your primary healthcare marketing strategy, Postalytics can offer intuitive personalizing options. Postalytics is a cutting-edge technology that includes both modern and standard options to help healthcare professionals to designs impeccable medical marketing campaigns.

This innovative direct mail tool allows you to post mail with your customer’s name and recommend a solution to their specific problem. Besides that, it also offers a triggered mail campaign and retargets cold leads for healthcare that will also allow you to post mail at the right time of the customer journey. Since your target consumer will get support at the right time, they will more likely to engage with you.

Postalytics also allows you to track your campaign responses. This is because you can add pURLs and QR codes in your mail. Each QR code comes with a different tracking number. So, when the mail receipt uses the code to get to your site, it will enter your system. Over time, you can understand the impact of your campaign. By assessing the marketing outcome, you can identify flaws or loopholes in your marketing strategy. You can refine your campaign and run a more objective and impactful campaign later.

Use Analytics to Inform Your Healthcare Marketing Strategy

Marketing analytics have become more crucial than ever. It is the study of data and information collected after running the marketing campaign to evaluate the performance of the healthcare strategy. By applying analytic processes and up-to-date technology, you can identify what encourages patients to take action, optimize your return on investment, and refine your marketing campaigns.

While data analysis is a relatively new approach, it has proven helpful for just about every industry, business, and field. Whether you have a healthcare startup or a large-scale medical facility, analyzing your marketing data will attract more patients. You will be able to customize your marketing based on the buyer persona and customer needs, appealing to a larger audience than before.

Though studying metrics data has lots of benefits, it’s not an easy task, especially if you don’t have to organize your campaign data. You need to use certain software and tools to understand simple campaigns. 

Postalytics lets You Track and Analyze Every Piece of Mail Sent

Looking for the easiest and simplest way to track your campaign and understand responses? A Postalytics campaign is the perfect option for you. This impressive tool helps you design effective direct mail campaigns and offers an easy data analytics option.

Each mail consists of a unique tracking code. So, when you run the campaign, and the recipient uses QR codes for healthcare to visit your site, the system will identify the code. Over time, the system will collect data, giving you clear information on click-through rate, conversion rate, and things purchased. You can use the data to amend your campaign strategies and get more effective results in the future.

Some healthcare marketers and salespeople use these signals to call the recipient at the right time or to send an email with additional information regarding the offer in the mail.

Manage Your Patient Reviews 

We all understand the importance of word of mouth. In fact, most of us have purchased products or services after hearing positive reviews from our friends, family, and peers. Healthcare organizations or businesses that are popular among people, or at least in their locality, are more likely to attract new patients than others.

In a nutshell, if you want to attract customers, you must create a positive impression of your business. This means leveraging reviews. Online reviews can act as tools to gain insight into the business for customers. Reviews can improve your reputation in the market. Besides benefiting your customers, it also helps you understand whether you’re providing satisfactory services to customers.

Besides using Google to understand health issues, users also check business reviews when they plan to make a purchase or contact the business. A company with no or bad reviews will only repel its target audience. So, you need reviews that indicate the positive attributes of your company. But this is where companies face problems. Reviews are entirely in your customer’s hands. They are the ones who decide what to write on your site. Fortunately, you can influence their opinion about you.

Here are some steps that you need to practice to gather positive reviews.

  • Offer high-quality standard services or products
  • Maintain the quality of your product
  • Offer every type of assistance to your customers
  • Build excellent communication relations with clients
  • Ask your customers about their experience and promise them to improve your services to eliminate any problems they have occurred with
  • Ask them to give a review on your site
  • Send then link if your website to make the process seamless

Maintaining good communication throughout the customer journey is key to compelling them to give positive reviews. Also, you can ask your customers to give positive reviews on different social media platforms. This way, you can create a positive impression on your audience on digital media and encourage them to contact you if they face any health emergency.

Align Your Marketing with Your Organization’s Objectives

Aligning your marketing with your healthcare organization’s objectives will help you attract customers and maintain good relations with current consumers. Opting for this approach is important if you want to compete with other leading businesses in the healthcare industry. Also, this strategy creates a unified look: each aspect of your business connects with another, helping consumers understand them.

Many healthcare organizations don’t give much attention to this technique, which keeps them far from becoming leading businesses in the market. If you want to succeed in your industry, you need to start aligning your marketing approach with your aims and objectives. But how can you do this? Here are some steps you can take to align each aspect of your business.

Determine Business Goal

Decide upon a business goal. This means narrowing down how you want to help patients, as well as services and products that will help you achieve your goals. Your goals for the business need to be clear and precise.

Set Realistic Healthcare Marketing Objectives

Your marketing strategy needs to be realistic. Hence, don’t expect to become an industry leader within a year. Your objectives need to be something that you can easily achieve in a year or two.

Design Your Healthcare Marketing around Your Goal

Your healthcare marketing strategies should reflect your business goals. For instance, if your primary aim is to help patients with heart conditions, you need content, illustration, and videos highlighting heart conditions and your provided solution.

Analyze and Measure Your Impact

Once you design and run your marketing campaign, you need to analyze and measure the results. It will help you understand whether your approach to aligning goals and strategies has worked. If not, identify where you need to make changes for better outcomes.

Paid Ads for Healthcare Marketing

Paid advertisement is another marketing strategy that is slowly losing its worth in electronic media. At the same time, its demand is growing in the digital space. Advertisements offer you an organic audience that sees your ad and decides to purchase from you. If you opt for digital platforms, you can also target a particular audience through advertisement. This gives you the freedom to invest in your desired demographic.

Though advertisement is beneficial and effective, designing ads is not easy. The more attractive and compelling your ad looks, the more people will engage with it. You need to use the right text and pictures and consider their placements. Also, the visuals need to be understandable enough that no one has to read the text.

Your ad must reflect your business objective and the services you offer. It also needs to be precise, realistic, and impactful. So, it’s better to take help from trained experts with the skills to design impressive and trendy ads.

Social Media Marketing

Social media is the last healthcare marketing strategy to opt for. There is no doubt that despite being a relatively new marketing tool, social media has done quite well. Different social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and TikTok have introduced unique and catchy marketing options that allow businesses to benefit from them without having a higher marketing budget.

Also, all social media platforms allow you to customize your marketing strategies based on your target audience. But you will need the help of a healthcare marketing agency to manage, design, and run digital marketing campaigns. For example, they will run ads, rely on influencer marketing, use social media reviews to attract clients, or share your page on different groups to increase your followers.

Healthcare Marketing: Final Thoughts

The above-mentioned strategies, tools, and channels will make your healthcare brand stand out, establish trust and generate more leads. 

Make sure to incorporate the direct mail campaign in your marketing mix for the best results. Using Postalytics, you can cut down on extra effort and attract the right type of audience. Think of it as working less for better results. Healthcare marketers can also incorporate CRM data into automated direct marketing workflows, letting the automation create, print, and send the right piece of healthcare marketing material at the right time.

Get your free Postalytics account today.