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Are you ready to generate more leads and increase sales with self-mailers?

self mailer for marketing

Kickstart a successful self-mailer campaign for your business

Self-mailer is a direct mail term for any kind of promotional printed material that doesn’t require an envelope. It’s commonly used in the business world to get the word out about new products or services and can be sent via bulk mail or targeted to specific individuals based on various demographics and psychographics.

The conversion rate for most marketing campaigns is barely a single-digit number, resulting in a significant loss of potential income. Don’t let the majority of your marketing activities go to waste. Here’s why and how self-mailers can help you put your business out there.

Target Existing Customers

Since your self-mailer is only being sent to people who are likely to be interested, you can increase your response rate by targeting existing customers.

Send Envelope Free

Combined with the visual impact of a postcard and the security of an envelope, folded self-mailers provide both visual and practical benefits. Additionally, this direct mail format doesn’t require an envelope since it’s secured with glue and tabs.

Budget-Friendly Campaigns

Self-mailers are affordable to create and send compared to traditional sales letters or packages. Additionally, there is no labor involved in inserting contents into an envelope, cutting back on one entire step in the traditional direct mail process.

Get Noticed Straight Away

Self-mailers are impossible to ignore because they are sent in an envelope-less package. This makes them stand out in the mailbox when compared to other pieces of mail like magazines, catalogs, and promotional letters.

How to use Self Mailers for Direct Mail Projects


Sign up free 

Create a free account on Postalytics. Choose your plan according to your needs. Forget about long-term contracts and commitments.


Automate the first campaign

Get started. Add your business details, import a list from your CRM, and pick a customized template.


Schedule your campaign and start generating leads

Pick the postage package that works best for you. Reach out as fast or as slowly as your business requires, using customized messages that stand out.

Designing Self Mailers for Maximum Impact

While designing your self-mailer may seem like a hefty endeavor, especially if you don’t have a professional graphic designer on board, consider this. Postalytics has prepared hundreds of market-ready templates to get you off to the right start. Once you log in to your account, head out to the template section and discover everything you need to create highly-effective campaigns.

Delivering the right layout

While designing your self-mailer, think about whether or not this form is going to connect with your prospects. You’ve got a head start already with ready-made templates, but only you can know what makes your prospects tick. The layout of your self-mailer speaks volumes, so make sure you choose the right one.

Add Clear Calls to Action

Since many consumers are used to doing online research before making purchasing decisions, effectively communicating your call to action is essential when it comes to designing a successful self-mailer.

Most marketers settle for a 2-3% conversion rate, which leaves a lot of money on the table. Most of your marketing efforts end up wasted. If you’re in a cut-throat business, you may not have the luxury of converting 2 out of every 100 people you reach. That’s why marketing-savvy companies use self-mailers. Direct mail has some of the highest conversion rates in the industry. Over 40 new customers convert with 1,000 direct mail pieces sent, judging from the conservative estimates. Self-mailers then add a bit extra on top.

Promote, remarket and convert

It’s not enough just to have a great product or service. You also need to get the word out about what you’re doing and why people should care.

Postalytics offers bulk mailing rates for self-mailers that are affordable and easy to use. You can send these postcards through the mail or email them as attachments with just a few clicks of the mouse! This means that you can promote, remarket, and lock your prospects into raving customers.


What is a self-mailer?

Self-Mailers (SM) represent direct mails that do not require an envelope. In lieu of the conventional envelope, SM’s are designed with address and postage information pre-produced on its surface for ease of distribution.

What are the types of items included in the self-mailer market?

With Postalytics, we’ve taken care of the design of postcard templates because our talented designers have already done all the work for you for your life insurance postcards or other ads. You can customize your design, however. Change colors, fonts, resize elements, change images and more to create a unique postcard template for your aircon business.

What does a self-mailer look like?

In direct mail marketing, a self-mailer is any piece of marketing material mailed without an envelope. For example, a postcard, or a folded sheet of paper or cardstock that is sealed along the edge.
Self-mailers are a cost-effective way to get your message out to consumers. While they can be used for any number of purposes, most self-mailers will have an advertising or promotional message that is delivered directly to home mailboxes without requiring an envelope.