Direct Mail List Management

Updated and better-managed direct mailing lists drive more responses and conversions. 


That’s why direct mail marketers use Postalytics – create, edit, and manage your mailing lists on one platform.

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Import, edit, append, and delete lists

Import lists by integrating with CRM and sales tools, and edit or append these mailing lists before deploying campaigns.


Once you send a campaign, you can delete temporary lists to simplify future list management and retrieval.

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Search contacts across mailing lists

As a direct marketer, you’ve likely created hundreds of mailing lists for your campaigns.


How do you edit or delete a contact from these mailing lists? With Postalytics, you can search for contacts across mailing lists and edit or delete them in minutes.

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Create segmented mailing lists

You need precise and targeted mailing lists to maximize your direct marketing campaigns.


Create segmented mailing lists within Postalytics and store them for future campaigns – this makes personalization easy and increases the ROI of your direct mail efforts.

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Access precise, readymade mailing lists

Save time by accessing readymade lists of consumers, occupants and businesses from Postalytics.


Stop creating lists from scratch or using ineffective lists – leverage our list purchase tool and load an accurate, updated list directly to your account.

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Run affordable, flexible campaigns

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Our Customers Say It Best

“At the end of the year, people want their tax letters. Using Postalytics made it more timely for us. It is so simple to just upload a list. A few clicks and it’s done, and people are getting everything on time.”

– Aisha Moss, The High Museum of Art

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