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Canada Address Verification

Quickly Verify Canadian Addresses from Your Mailing List

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Shipping Direct Mail to Canada

Is your postal mailing list up to date? It’s important to make sure you’re not sending mail to outdated or incorrect addresses because it will hamper your ROI. Postalytics has two levels of address validation for Canada to ensure you’re mailing to the correct address. This automated process ensures the accuracy of all of the mailing addresses in your mailing list before your mailer goes out.

Automated Canada Post Address Verification

With Postalytics Canada Post address validation, we’ll keep track of your invalid contact lists so that you can fix them before sending them.

Postal Address Validation

Error-free mailing addresses for your campaigns will help you improve more sophisticated personalization strategies based on customer location and relocation.

Cut out Time-wasting Tasks

You don’t need to check your customers’ zip codes and get someone to go to the post office when you use automatic address validation.

Save on Your Marketing Budget

You can reduce mailing costs by correcting easily avoidable mistakes. This allows you to spend more on other areas of your marketing or business operations.

How To Verify and Validate Addresses in Canada


Sign up to Postalytics

Enjoy tools like the ability to use our Canada Post Verify Address tool when you sign up. 


Create and Design your Mail

Name your campaign, add your return address, and import a list from your CRM. The list will be checked for formatting issues and verified. 


Schedule the Campaign

Pick a print and mail package for your direct mail campaign to Canada. 

Pick Up Address Issues Automatically

One way we save you time is to ensure the database is valid before launching a campaign. This is especially important when you’re mailing out direct mail. Otherwise, it will take time first to identify where the problem occurred, second to find the correct address, and lastly, fix it in your database. We achieve this in two steps.

How Address Validation Works

Along with other Automated Direct Mail tools, Postalytics has a foolproof address validation Canada system to help you avoid mailing improperly formatted addresses in your contact list records. You can import info from a file to integrate with Postalytics, and it will check if the address has at least the minimum fields necessary for mailing, for example, First Name, Last Name, Address, City, State and Zip. 

Invalid Contact List Records

When sending direct mail in Canada, your mailing list must follow the valid address format of Canada Post. How do you check this before your marketing campaign is launched? We automatically assist you with this as data in your list is checked to make sure it is in the correct format to be used in a campaign. If the data does not meet the validation requirements, the contact will be labeled as “Invalid” and will not be mailed to or considered a recipient. Just like that, you save because you’re not sending out wastage. 

Help With Your Data Maintenance

We make it easy to check and sort addresses that we have labelled invalid. Postalytics offers an easy-to-use search function that can help you find any invalid records. We will create a list of all the invalid records for you to review, edit, or download. If Canada Post fails to deliver mail, it can be classified as Return to Sender or Re-Routed. When this happens, we automatically mark the status as returned in your list in your direct mail dashboard. You can use all of the data you’ve collected with each mailing to make sure you’re sending to an address that has the best chance of being delivered.


What is address validation? 

Direct mailing address validation is a new feature available within Postalytics that ensures the accuracy of all of the mailing addresses on your direct mail list before your mailer goes out. We help you to check addresses with Canada Post on the Canada Post database and thanks to intelligent mail barcodes you’ll never send mail to those that fail again.

Why is address validation important?

If you want to send a postal mailing in the Canada, you must take care to use a valid address format and verify that your mailing list is 100% accurate before your marketing campaign is launched. Eliminating just 1,000 pieces of undeliverable direct mail to Canada can save you hundreds of dollars. 

How to verify addresses in Canada?

If you’re sending a mailing and want to reduce undeliverable mail, use Canada Post Data Management Services or an established vendor like Postalytics to clean your mailing list before sending. Finding an address in Canada Post has never been easier – we do it for you.