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Business reply mail is a service that allows business owners to send mail to potential or current customers with a prepaid envelope or card for the customer to use to easily and quickly respond to the offer. This service can improve response rates, survey submissions, and nonprofit donations.

While only USPS can offer a Business Reply Mail service, Postalytics will supercharge your response rates with QR codes, pURLS, and professionally-made templates. Discover everything you need for a successful direct mail campaign.

Let’s take a closer look at how business reply mail works, how to set up a campaign, and what permit you may need to start mailing your customers.

Blast past the competition

Standing out in the sea of direct mail can be tough. The best way to stand out is to provide an option other businesses don’t – like BRM. Business reply mail is special touch customers appreciate. 

Outstanding response rates

This prepaid return mail makes it easy for recipients to respond, improving response rates, submitted surveys, and nonprofit donations. Business reply mail is a top-quality marketing tool for serious companies.

Remain top of mind

With the help of BRM, you can increase customer satisfaction and remain top of mind (and heart) by making it easier than ever before for them to contact you with their feedback.

Supercharge communication

You know that staying in touch is crucial, but you’re unsure about the right channel. Good business is about creating connections and nurturing relationships. And BRM might just be the perfect way to connect with customers.

How To Send Business Reply Mail

  1. Get your permit from USPS

    To get a BRM permit, you’ll need to fill out and submit a PS Form 3615. You can get this form from your local post office or online at the USPS website.

  2. Design your direct mail with Postaltyics

    Postalytics makes it easy to create beautiful, responsive mail. Simply create a free account and tap into infinite resources of professionally-made direct mail templates and tools.

  3. Ship and brace for customer satisfaction

    With this program, you can easily ship large quantities of mail at once and avoid paying extra for each individual response. Once you’re satisfied with your campaign, ship it out and brace for the immense number of responses. Don’t say we didn’t warn you!

Improve Response Rates Now

Business reply postcards

Business reply postcards are a type of postcard that allows the recipient to reply to the mailing offer without paying for postage or using a stamp. Postcards have a number of benefits that can improve response rates. For one, they’re easy and convenient to use. Businesses can simply include a card with their mailing, and the recipient can easily respond without having to go to the post office.

If you’re using Postalytics, you can tap into another benefit of business reply postcards. Your account dashboards let you track your campaign from one place. You can see which cards were sent out, how many were returned, and what the response rate was. This information can help you improve your marketing strategies and make more informed decisions about future mailings.

Business reply letter

Big enterprises like American Express, Disney, CitiBank, and The Economist use business reply letters to foster subscriptions and connect with their customers. Just like the business reply postcards, letters also let your recipients respond without having to go through the extra hurdles of paying for stamps and frequenting post offices. When incentivized this way, prospects tend to respond more often.

Business reply mail delivery time

Mail delivery time relies on United States Postal Service (USPS). The standard delivery time takes anywhere between one to five days, according to the latest changes. Adding a little bit of copy goes a long way in expediting this process. Writing “time-sensitive mail” or “process immediately” can help move your mail along much faster.

Business reply mail envelopes

You can order, design, and customize mail envelopes in bulk. These pre-sized enclosures are welcome in virtually all mailing machines, and they work well with automated equipment and processing tools. Using them also saves you money because businesses don’t have to buy separate stamps for each envelope.

Business reply mail permit

Businesses need to apply for a special permit to use business reply mail.

The Business Reply Mail (BRM) Permit is a permit that allows a sender to send out an infinite number of reply mailpieces to any Post office in the United States and its territories. BRM permit holders do not prepay postage for the pieces sent to clients. Permit holders agree to pay an annual fee to cover all BRM expenses.

If you’re interested in getting a business reply mail permit, visit the USPS website, where you can get the latest information.


Is business reply mail stamped or metered?

Depending on your business needs, USPS offers several types of business reply mail. Small businesses can opt-in for metered mail, while other options may include prepaid postage.

Do you put a return address on a business reply mail?

As a company, business reply mail will always return to the address you’ve disclosed in the PS Form 3615. If you’re a customer, then add a return address if the address you’d like to get your reply to is different from the address you have received the initial mail.

Can I use business reply envelopes?

Yes! You can customize your envelopes just like any other part of your mail piece. Use your company name and logo to stand out or tap into hundreds of professional design solutions offered by Postalytics. Customize everything from your envelope’s design to the size of your postcards.