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Real Estate Introduction Postcards Templates

Create real estate introduction postcards with templates

Create real estate introduction postcards

Business is all about relationships, and real estate is no different. The most effective way to build trust with property prospects in your neighborhood is by introducing yourself to them. The most effective way is with real estate agent introduction postcards. The postcard will help you get your name out there, put a face to that name, list your contact details and share your experience in the house selling game with new leads. So, when it comes time for them to sell their house, your agency is the one that they remember and call on.  

Postalytics is the ultimate real estate direct mail marketing solution. With our postcard template wizard, you can create real estate introduction postcards, customize and print them, mail them, and track the direct mail campaign from start to finish. 

The automated postcard solution is here

You can make your own real estate introduction postcard without needing a marketing agency, designer,  or printer. You don’t need design experience either. Our intuitive editing tools walk you through the process. 

Pre-made postcard templates

Postalytics has a library of ready-to-use real estate postcard templates you can choose from. Once you find a template that has the best design for your needs, click on it, and use the editing tools to create your introduction postcard.

Customize your introduction postcard

Our design tools make it easy to personalize your postcard templates. For example, you can change the copy and font or use your very own photos. Postalytics even has a library of free images for you to use.

Using templates saves you money

Our template sizes and specifications are designed to qualify for savings offered by the United States Postal Service. Using postcard templates gives you access to a cheaper postage solution because they adhere to the specifications set by the USPS. 

Integrate your brand collateral 

Your in-house design team can create logos, images, and other brand-specific material offline. We make it easy to upload these designs to our postcard templates, making Postalytics an excellent option for agencies to build postcards

Convert your prospects

Turn your leads into clients by inviting your postcard recipients to contact you to meet or get more information about your services. Make it easy for them by adding a QR code or personalized URL (pURL) to your postcard to direct them to your landing page or form.


What copy should be included on a real estate introduction postcard? 

Your real estate agent introduction postcard is the first impression your prospects will have of you, so you want to present yourself as someone they can trust. To do so, share your philosophy or strategy for selling houses, a bit about yourself, and your contact information on your postcard. 

What should I include on a real estate introduction postcard?

As you would with a business card, your introduction postcard should include a photograph of yourself. You want to portray yourself as someone who is friendly and professional. We recommend including an image of yourself that is well-lit and authentic. You can upload your own photo to replace the image in the Postalytics postcard templates. 

Why send a new realtor postcard?

It’s easy to get lost in the sea of competition, but mailing new realtor announcement cards to a targeted list of prospects in your neighborhood means your property business will stand out as being proactive and professional. People often don’t know which agents operate in their area and only look for information when buying or selling a house. Your introduction postcard will keep you top of mind when they need your services, fostering long-term relationships with your prospects.