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Holiday Postcard Templates

You can create Holiday Postcard Templates with Postalytics

Create Holiday Postcard Templates

Sending out holiday postcards is a great way to stay in touch with your current and past clients. It’s an excellent way to express your gratitude while also providing an excuse to reconnect with former customers through holiday card messages.

Postalytics can help you create custom postcards for any direct marketing postcard campaign. With our easy-to-use editing and design tools, you can tweak holiday postcard templates instantly. We empower you to create quality marketing material without any experience or skills. You can also use our direct mail templates for thank you postcards and Christmas postcards. Sign up for free! 

Discover our Library of Postcard Templates

In need of a holiday card for your suppliers, customers, or clients but tight on time? Postalytics has hundreds of online postcard templates that are pre-made and can be customized in minutes. Check out our prebuilt templates you can use for Christmas postcards.

No Design Smarts Needed

You can also start building a template from scratch with Postalytics’ drag-and-drop Direct Mail Editor.  Or use the We design prebuilt postcard templates that meet the best practices for direct mail marketing. You can easily edit the font, colors, or pictures to make them align with your brand or holiday message using intuitive editing tools.

Make Your Own Holiday Postcard Template

With Postalytics, you create your postcard Prefer to craft a postcard from scratch or combine it with other images you’ve designed offline? You can do that too with Postalytics, thanks to the Direct Mail Editing and Offline Design functions that are part of our package.

Make It Personal!

Sending a holiday card and making it sound sincere and personal is essential. Using powerful Postalytics tools, you can personalize every message by first name or any other variable in your CRM..

Holiday Templates Save You Money

If you’re looking for a way to save on postage this holiday season, you can’t go wrong with Postalytics. Use our postcard templates to follow the requirements set by the United State Postal Service (USPS) to be eligible for their lower postage rates.

Create Collateral You Can Reuse

We know you’re busy, which is why our postcard templates are reusable. You can reuse them for all your campaigns, changing the images and text for each one, depending on the intention of your holiday postcards.


Why should I send holiday postcards?

A personal postcard will help establish a human connection with the recipient and help foster a sense of familiarity with your business. It can have a major impact on loyalty for future purchases. A Canada post study found that brand recall is also 70% higher for consumers who have seen a piece of direct mail versus a digital advertisement. Clearly, postcards last longer and can be seen by your customer for days or even weeks after they’re sent. A digital advertisement on the other hand will disappear in seconds and never be seen again.

How to make holiday postcards?

Making your own holiday postcards is now easier with Postalytics. Our online postcard tools help you create beautiful, personalized, and professional postcards in a snap! You can use blank templates or pre-made templates to add your own features, offers, and messages. Send a postcard sample to see how it works.

How to send your holiday cards as postcards? 

You can create a holiday postcard in minutes. Use one of Postalytics’ prebuilt or customizable holiday postcard templates. Our direct mail marketing services include the ability to print holiday postcards with us and mail them to your list.

Why should I send holiday postcards from my business?

Customizable postcards are an economical alternative to holiday cards, perfect for sending out during the holidays. When you send a postcard, your postage will be much cheaper. You won’t need to pay for an envelope, which saves money.