In this episode we have Jeff Tarran joining us. Jeff is the Chief Operating Officer of Gunderson Direct, one of the leading marketing agencies specializing in direct mail in the U.S. Gunderson has been building and improving direct mail programs for large companies and well funded startups for over 18 years, applying proprietary testing and optimization techniques to lead generation, customer acquisition, triggered marketing and many other types of campaigns.

Jeff has started two successful direct marketing agencies and has been CEO or part of the management team at agencies for the past 20 years. He’s considered one of the direct marketing industry’s true thought leaders, and has recently contributed to a cool new book called “The Most Amazing Marketing Book Ever”.


  • 00:00 – Intro
  • 02:06 – Early Influences and the Path to Direct Marketing
  • 04:25 – Starting Strong in Direct Mail
  • 08:11 – Unique Characteristics of Direct Mail Data
  • 13:38 – Perceptions of Direct Mail vs. Digital Channels
  • 16:44 – Creative Trends in Direct Mail
  • 20:40 – Innovative Technology at Gunderson Direct
  • 23:50 – Emerging Data Sources in Direct Mail Marketing
  • 27:32 – Key Advice for Novice Marketers in Direct Mail
  • 32:31 – An Inspirational Direct Mail Success Story
  • 34:38 – The Evolving Landscape of Direct Mail in Marketing
  • 36:38 – The Most Amazing Marketing Book Ever
  • 38:25 – Get in Touch with Jeff

Get in Touch with Jeff:

Gunderson Direct Website

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“The Most Amazing Marketing Book Ever” by Mark W. Schaefer

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