In this episode we have Steve Falk, the VP Partnerships and Sustainability at The AIIM Group in Aurora, Ontario. With expertise in both physical and digital technologies, Steve and the team at AIIM integrate triggered Variable Data Printing and Direct Mail into clients’ tech stacks, driving improved sales, customer engagement, and charitable donations.  

Steve’s a well known expert in omnichannel marketing that includes personalized mail across both Canada and the US. He’s also developed a significant body of work to help understand the carbon footprint of direct mail, and has developed programs at AIIM that utilize advanced carbon offset techniques.  


  • 00:00 – Intro
  • 02:47 – The Journey of Steve in the Marketing World
  • 11:25 – Direct Mail’s Power in Timeliness and Personalization
  • 15:14 – AIIM’s Key Solutions for Its Customers
  • 18:35 – The Transformation of Direct Mail into Tech-Integrated Marketing
  • 21:29 – The Evolving Landscape of Omni-Channel Marketing
  • 27:17 – AIIM’s Carbon Neutral Direct Mail Service
  • 39:01 – Get in Touch with Steve

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