In this episode we have Mike Porter, the president at Print/Mail Consultants and PMC Content Services. Their focus is on raising awareness and nurturing leads through well-executed content marketing strategies. Mike is an industry adviser, author, and business communications expert with a consistent track record of driving inbound marketing, even for resource-limited companies.

Mike’s passion for customer communications, including billing, regulatory notices, and marketing materials, is reflected in his column “In the Trenches” in Mailing Systems Technology magazine, offering valuable insights, tips, and trends.


  • 00:00 – Intro
  • 02:21 – Mike’s Journey to Print Mail Consultants
  • 05:22 – Change and Consistency in Print and Mail
  • 11:54 – The Technology Evolution in the World of Print and Mail
  • 18:57 – Barriers to Direct Mail Adoption
  • 24:03 – The Rebirth of Direct Mail and What Triggered It
  • 29:19 – Mike’s Key Advice for Marketers on Direct Mail
  • 32:16 – Get in Touch with Mike

Get in Touch with Mike:

PMC Content Services Website

Print Mail Consultants

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