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Buy Medical Lists For New Leads

Using medical lists to find new leads is essential if you’re looking for ways to grow your business and achieve sales goals. Healthcare providers make up one of the biggest industries in the United States, which means there are opportunities for your business, whether you are selling office or medical supplies or other products or services. Postalytics can help you generate new business opportunities in the medical sector. Plus, you can purchase our mailing lists easily and affordably compared to working with traditional list-buying services. 

Once you’ve got your healthcare list from Postalytics, you can customize it in minutes using our online filtering tools. Our “selects” tools empower you to hyper-target your mailing list by income, number of employees, geography, and multiple other demographics. This way, you can pinpoint the specific leads that are most relevant for your product or service.

Buy quality medical mailing lists

Postalytics offers the most accurate and recent data available, so you know you won’t be wasting your time and money chasing healthcare industry leads that turn out to be incorrect or incomplete. 

Reach the best audience

Postalytics offers the most accurate and recent data available, so you know you won’t be wasting your time and money chasing healthcare industry leads that turn out to be incorrect or incomplete. 

Reach the best audience

Your days of sending your direct mail campaign to thousands of prospects hoping a few of them will respond, are over. With over 20 filter selections to choose from, you can use our medical lists to target the best healthcare audience for your marketing and sales efforts. 

Your end-to-end solution

You can buy a medical mailing list on the Postalytics platform without negotiating with list-buying services. The list is already integrated into our platform, so there’s no need to upload or manage the list further. Simply create your direct mail material and hit send. 

Use mailing list data for personalization

Use data to send personalized offers and marketing messages to healthcare professional leads on your list. This will boost response rates, increase sales and improve your return on investment. 

How To Buy Medical Lists In 3 Steps


Sign up to Postalytics

Sign up for Postalytics, and purchase a medical mailing list for your direct mail campaign. 


Filter the mailing list

Choose relevant “selects” from the easy-to-use Postalytics tool. You can easily filter healthcare leads by location, income, or any other demographics you want to target. 


Send your direct mail campaign

Create and design your postcard, brochure, mailer, or letter online, and Postalytics will automatically mail it to your targeted medical mailing list that contains your new leads. 

Buy medical lists and open new doors

Our medical mailing lists allow you to reach new healthcare leads of all types. Healthcare providers work in hospitals, private practice, urgent care centers, and more. They are doctors and nurses, as well as administrators and managers. So while they offer healthcare services to the public, they also need to purchase products and services to ensure everything runs smoothly. This presents opportunities if you are looking for new B2B leads. 

Postalytics medical mailing lists can target these key decision-makers with customized direct mail campaigns created and designed on the Postalytics platform.

How to use Postalytics medical mailing lists

Sending bulk mail you hope will reach a suitable lead is a waste of your resources. Instead, use our mailing lists to improve the reach of your campaign and your return on investment. We guarantee our data quality by checking with the United States Postal Service every 30 days that all addresses are updated. We also work with premium list brokers and other sources to deliver the names, income, and additional critical information of over two million Americans. You can drill down into this comprehensive list using our online filters to create a customized medical mailing list for your direct mail campaigns. 

Maintaining a healthy list

If you use Postalytics, a key advantage is that we track deliveries. Because we attach the United States Postal Services (USPS) intelligent barcode to each mailer we send, we know when a specific piece didn’t deliver, and we immediately remove that name from your mailing list. If you are running a triggered drip campaign, with a series of mailers being sent to the same target, this will cut down on wastage and ensure your mailing list contains only the best leads. 

Personalize mail for your prospects

The healthcare industry is a sensitive one. Therefore, your prospects will automatically be more comfortable engaging with those already in their circle and those that can nurture a trusting business relationship. Our medical mailing lists contain detailed data such as first names that can be automatically inserted onto envelopes or be used as a greeting on postcards and letters,  thanks to Postalytics variable data field tools. When your prospect receives an item in their post box that addresses them personally, you’re one step closer to building that connection. 

Segmenting your medical list

One of the most challenging things about healthcare direct mail is knowing which messages, designs, and offers elicit the best response. The only way to know is by using small representative subsets of your medical mailing list. It’s never been easier or simpler to track those responses with Postalytics’ personalized URLs (pURLS) or QR codes. 

Insert these unique elements onto your mailers using our intuitive online editing tools. Your Postalytics dashboard will give you real-time information about which leads responded to your mail and which campaign worked better. With this data-backed knowledge, you can tweak your next campaign or drill down further into relevant filters to further segment your list. 

Email us if you want to know more about our medical mailing lists or how we can help you with another specialized mailing list. 


What are the best ideas to market to medical practices? 

It’s not easy to sell to the healthcare and medical profession. And because of this, B2B marketers should recognize the importance of building personal relationships with their customers. Like a doctor/patient relationship, the seller/client relationship has to be built on trust. The more personalized your marketing campaign is, the better your chances of connecting with your target. Therefore, it’s a good idea to target a medical practice with a multi-channel approach, starting with using a medical mailing list to send personalized letters, brochures, flyers, or promotional postcards, depending on the objectives of your campaign.