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Postalytics™: The Best Lob Alternative for Direct Mail Marketing

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Get More Out of Your Budget with Volume Pricing

As Lob’s best alternative, Postalytics is an ideal option for businesses looking for cost control, automation, and impeccable print quality.


You can create and run marketing campaigns in a few clicks without having to hire more staff or master complicated software.


With Postalytics, the more you send, the less you spend.

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Our customers say it best

“We’ve definitely become more efficient. Step one was knowing the database was correct, making sure we were getting this direct mail out to people. Step two for us will be that full analytical dive, to see what people are doing with that information.”

– Tanya Steindl, Director of Marketing, Goodman Manufacturing

The Only Direct Mail Platform Made for SMB

Marketing professionals don’t need additional expertise or specific skills to operate Postalytics. Its user-friendly interface and simple options will help you stay focused on what truly matters – business growth. 


Creating, managing, and running large-scale campaigns has never been easy. 


Companies can generate leads at scale by automating their workflows, using built-in templates, and measuring their progress.

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Save Time & Resources with Direct Mail Integrations

You can leverage CRM integrations to transfer customers’ names, addresses & marketing insights quickly. Then, define triggers to send out a piece of mail at exactly the right time.


Not only do you not require manual data input, but there’s a lower risk of errors. It also ensures security and prevents the risk of data theft and countless other benefits that will supercharge your business growth.

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Multi-Campaign Manager for All Your Objectives

Need to run a lead generation campaign, send thank you postcards and sales letters at the same time?


Discover your multi-campaign manager. Create and run different campaigns for different purposes at the same time.


By running more than one campaign, you can generate leads, increase sales, and create happiness for your customers.

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Postalytics integrates with your favorite tech

Discover 3,000+ direct mail integrations developed to help marketers

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