Senior Living Direct Mail: Best Practices & Examples

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According to the Census Bureau’s 2020 population estimate, about 58 million adults aged 65 and older live in the U.S. 

Whether you want to build awareness for your assisted living center or get more leads for supplements aimed at seniors, direct mail is a great way to reach these adults. It may be a surprise to know that 78% of Americans aged 55+ open direct mail the same day they bring it inside their homes. But when you’re competing with thousands of other care centers and pharmacies, how do you ensure your direct mail stands out? 

As a direct mail automation platform, we see many businesses working in the senior living industry succeed with direct mail. Here, we’ll share the exact strategies they use.

Understanding Senior Living Direct Mail Marketing

The approach to senior living direct mail marketing is different from other direct mailing strategies. Even while you’re selecting your target audience, there are a lot of questions you should ask, like:

  • Are we targeting seniors in a specific age range? Do we want to include those who are still working or have retired?
  • Are we catering to single seniors or those who have spouses?
  • Does our target audience/community cater to those with specific health needs?
  • Which gender are we targeting, or what is the ratio?
  • What are their preferences and communication styles? 

Why Direct Mail Works for Senior Living Communities?

Direct mail works for senior living communities for three reasons: 

  • It’s a targeted approach.
  • It’s effective at reaching older demographics who may not be as tech-savvy. 
  • Many seniors prefer tangible communication they can hold and review at their own pace. 

Direct mail allows for personalized messaging, showcasing amenities, services, and community features tailored to their needs and interests. It fosters trust and credibility by providing physical evidence of the community’s existence and legitimacy. 

Moreover, unlike email and other digital communication, direct mail’s tangible presence serves as a reminder for seniors who may be contemplating a transition to senior living, keeping the community top of mind during their decision-making process.

10 Best Practices and Examples

When it comes to senior living direct mail marketing, you should adhere to best practices that increase conversions and result in successful campaign outcomes. Here are 10 such best practices, along with some real-life examples.

1. Personalization

You should tailor your direct mail content to the target audience’s specific needs, preferences, and demographics. Incorporate personalized elements such as the recipient’s name, addressing their specific concerns or interests related to senior living, and highlighting relevant amenities or services. With tools like Postalytics, you can use personalization features like variable data and logic to create personalized mailers at scale. For example, you can showcase different images depending on the different ages of the seniors you’re targeting.

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You can add testimonials or success stories from residents with similar backgrounds to foster a sense of relatability and trust. 

2. Simple Design

Instead of adding too much to your direct mail and making the experience cluttered, aim for a simple design:

  • Use large, legible fonts
  • Use a clean layout
  • Maintain a balance between text and white space
  • Use clear, straightforward language
  • Arrange elements in a visual hierarchy
  • Stick to a simple color scheme
  • Use high-quality imagery
  • Clearly show your contact information
  • Showcase a clear CTA (Call-to-Action)

This is what a simple design for direct mail looks like.

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3. Quality Images

A good direct mail design can grab people’s attention and make for a great refrigerator-worthy direct mail. A critical element of great design is using high-quality and relevant images for your campaigns, for example, portraying real residents and authentic community activities to reflect positivity and an active senior lifestyle.

sample postcards showing 2 old couples, the other is running together, the other one is looking at something smiling

You should optimize these images for printing by ensuring proper color calibration and working with the correct file format. This becomes easy in Postalytics as you can review your design and see exactly how it looks when it gets printed.

Pro-tip: Use images as focal points and visual cues to guide direct mail recipients to the most important parts of your direct mail. 

4. Clear CTAs

Creating a clear call to action (CTA) is crucial for driving desired responses for your senior living direct mails. Here are some best practices you can follow:

  • Be specific and clear.
  • Keep your CTAs brief and limited to 3-4 words.
  • Use actionable language that encourages an immediate response, like “Visit Today.”
  • Use design elements, such as contrasting colors, bold fonts, or visual cues like arrows to make the CTA prominent.
  • Create a sense of urgency with phrases such as “Limited time only” or “Offer Expires Soon.”
  • Test and iterate multiple CTAs

You can even create pURLs on Postalytics and direct users to your online senior living website to track conversions via CTA.

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5. Highlight Benefits

Let’s accept it: moving into a caring facility can be a difficult and stressful decision for many. It involves shifting into a completely new environment after staying in a place/neighborhood for several years.

That’s why it’s important to address these concerns and highlight how moving into your senior living community can improve their quality of life. For example, you can talk about the various activities you carry out or portray examples of how seniors in your community are having a great experience.

Here’s how The Mansion on Main, an assisted living facility in New Albany, portrays its unique selling points with pictures and bullet points.

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Image source

6. Use Testimonials

In senior living marketing, testimonials serve as powerful endorsements. They offer firsthand accounts of residents’ positive experiences. You can choose diverse testimonials that address common concerns and highlight the community’s strengths. You can pair testimonials with relevant imagery to enhance emotional appeal. 

This is an excellent way to build trust, credibility and social proof, attracting more residents to your senior living community.

If you cater to multiple age segments, you can use variable logic to personalize mails by incorporating different testimonials for different ages.

7. Offer Incentives

Many senior living centers encourage seniors to opt for a tour or an event that further interests them. You can also offer incentives to nudge them to sign up for a tour or make an appointment.

As a general rule of thumb, your incentive should be appealing enough to your target audience. Many times, discounts won’t cut it when you’re offering an entirely different living option to seniors.

Pro-tip: Create a sense of urgency with your incentives to get more people to sign up or take action.

8. Consistent Branding

It is important to have consistent branding across all marketing materials. Doing so strengthens brand recognition, trust, and loyalty among seniors. This maintains uniformity in design, messaging, and imagery. To make this a mandate for your marketing team, establish brand guidelines outlining logo usage, colors, fonts, and tone of voice, and ensure these guidelines are followed. 

Even your language and messaging should align with your brand’s values and personality. Your imagery should also be consistent with your brand identity, whether it’s through photography style, visual themes, or subject matter. 

9. Seasonal Themes

You can take advantage of the holidays to create awareness about your senior living center. For example, you can hold an event on Thanksgiving where people can join in with the residents and staff of the center and enjoy a free meal. This is a great way to showcase your community’s different amenities and features.

To spread awareness of this holiday event, you can create direct mail campaigns to invite people and create a buzz.

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Whenever you adopt this best practice, make sure the themes are tastefully executed and resonate with your senior audience.

10. Digital Follow-Up

By complementing your direct marketing with digital marketing efforts such as email marketing, you can cater to a broader audience and increase your chances of conversions. By digitally following up on your direct campaigns, you can create a cohesive strategy and track responses for better analytics.

This also helps you understand customer preferences, as you can then select direct marketing, email marketing, or a combination of the two based on your results.

Common Challenges in Senior Direct Mail Marketing

Navigating senior direct mail marketing involves a lot of challenges. These challenges can be turned into opportunities with the right strategies. 

Let’s explore three key challenges and how you can navigate them to create a successful direct mail campaign.

Reaching the Right Audience

If you are not seeing results in your direct mail campaigns, it might be because you’re targeting the wrong audience. Even if you get the age right, you might be missing out on factors like interests and needs.

The solution is to create a refined mailing list by using demographic data available through trusted organizations, collaborating with organizations serving seniors, such as healthcare facilities, or purchasing mailing lists from providers such as Postalytics.

Engaging Seniors in a Digital Age

To get the most out of your marketing campaigns and improve engagement, you need to adopt a multi-channel route. With seniors becoming more technologically savvy, you can balance traditional direct mail with digital marketing initiatives such as personalized email sequences or social media marketing.

You can incorporate QR codes in mailers that direct seniors to online resources such as virtual tours, informational videos, or targeted landing pages.

Measuring Campaign Effectiveness

With tools like Postalytics, you no longer have to guess the success of your senior living direct mail campaigns. You can set clear, measurable goals and track them through the analytics given in the Postalytics platform.

This becomes possible by using unique tracking codes, pURLs, and QR codes. By tracking these response rates, engagement levels, and ROI, you can optimize future campaigns.

Expand Your Marketing Reach With Postalytics

Senior living direct campaigns, if made and executed well, can bring great results for your centers. 

Instead of draining resources to get these campaigns right, you can subscribe to direct mail tools like Postalytics that streamline the creation, sending and monitoring of direct mail campaigns. 

You can utilize features like targeted list building, personalized mail templates, triggered direct mail, and custom URLs to design campaigns that hit the mark. 

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