Product Update: Standard Mail and Agency Edition

Postalytics Product Update Integrated Mailing Lists - Updates Feel Good

When you’re at a software company that pushes live an update as big as this one, this is how you feel. Happy, relieved, excited….and looking forward to fired up clients digging in on cool new features!

Read on for more details on new Standard Mail (otherwise known as Marketing Mail) now in Smart Sends and the Postalytics Agency Edition.

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Save Over 30% By Sending With USPS Standard Mail

Standard Mail is a class of USPS mailing that caters to marketers that have flexibility in their delivery timeframes and want to save money. Postalytics now offers Standard Mail as an option when using Smart Send, list based campaigns. It works the same way in Postalytics as USPS First Class, you now just select the class of mail you are sending to in the “Schedule” step of the Smart Send Wizard.

Postalytics Product Update Integrated Mailing Lists - Postage Type

Time Vs. Money – It’s Your Call

For each Smart Send campaign, you can now choose to send via First Class or Standard Class on the “Schedule” step of the Campaign Wizard. We’ll give you an approximate cost and approximate in home date for your choice. As you can see, the dollar savings can be significant, as can the delivery time. We’ve incorporated some guidelines (First Class 5-7 Business Days, Standard Class 14-21 Business Days). Here’s a quick reference chart to help you think through your options:

Postalytics Update - first class vs standard class

Postalytics Agency Edition Is Now Available

Postalytics Product Update Integrated Mailing Lists- Agency Edition Getting Started

With the rise of digital advertising and marketing tech, there now exists a huge opportunity to weave established offline channels, like direct mail, into the marketing tech stack.

Part of the problem through, is that an entire generation of marketers now has little to no experience with direct marketing. This is part of the reason we created Postalytics – we saw that marketers wanted to use direct mail but didn’t want to deal with the outdated processes associated with traditional direct mail marketing. Other marketers have experience and knowledge about direct mail, but have never been able to use it in conjunction with digital marketing. These two dynamics have created what we call the direct mail knowledge gap.

The Direct Mail Knowledge Gap – An Agency Opportunity

Learn More About The Agency Edition

This knowledge and experience gap creates a huge opportunity for marketing agencies to step in and add value. As customers embrace the simplicity, integration and opportunity to improve campaign ROI that direct mail automation provides, the need for expertise in creative, strategy, planning and execution is much greater. Smart agencies and marketing services providers are aggressively moving to fill the direct mail knowledge gap with the Postalytics Agency Edition.

What’s In The Postalytics Agency Edition?

Postalytics Product Update Integrated Mailing Lists - Whitelabel Agency Login

The Postalytics Agency Edition is a special account that enables marketing service providers to create and manage Postalytics accounts for clients. The Agency Edition was built for marketers to leverage the speed, tracking and integration of our direct mail automation under their own brand. With the Agency Edition, you get:

  • An unlimited number of client accounts
  • Full access to all Postalytics features
  • Branding and white label capabilities
  • Postalytics’ lowest per piece costs
  • Margin and payouts on per piece fees

Read An Interview With A Postalytics Agency Partner

Not everyone is eligible to become a Postalytics Agency Edition partner. In order to obtain a Postalytics Agency Edition account, you must sign up for a Postalytics Pro account and contact Postalytics. We’ll then switch the account to the Agency Edition after speaking with you.

Learn More About The Latest Features

We love talking with clients, partners and marketers of all types about how Postalytics can be used to solve problems and build great campaigns. If you’d like to talk with us about any of these cool new features – please reach out!

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