Mail Address Savings Analysis Now Live

Postalytics has always been saving our customers money through several layers of address validation and verification. Now, with the latest software update, we’ve created a tool that gives you summary and detailed information about how much money you’ve saved by not sending mail to invalid addresses.

Postalytics Savings Analysis Overview

The new Mail Address Savings Analysis is available in all Postalytics subscription plans. While the address validation and verification tools are used by all Postalytics plans, free or paid, only paid users can access the Savings Tool to drill into exactly how much has been saved.

The new Mail Address Savings Analysis leverages several advanced address cleansing techniques to understand how many mailers have NOT been sent because of improper or invalid addresses. Once each of those potential mailers have been identified, it calculates how much has been saved by multiplying the costs associated with each mailer in your campaigns by the number of mailers not sent.

How Does Postalytics Calculate Invalid Addresses?

Postalytics customers automatically get to take advantage of multiple advanced address cleansing techniques that review each and every address that can potentially be mailed to. When Postalytics finds an issue with an address, it is labeled as “Invalid” and marked as such in a Postalytics list.

The address cleansing tools are fully integrated into Postalytics and all customers, regardless of their plan, get to take advantage of them.

Contact Import Address Validation

When you import a contact into Postalytics, either through a list upload or via an integration or API, Postalytics checks the structure of the mailing address to ensure that all of the required fields for mailing are present. When we do find improperly formed addresses, they are labeled as “Invalid” and they’re blocked from being mailed.

CASS Processing

When you send a campaign through Postalytics, we run each contact through the CASS (Coding Accuracy Support System) tools that are certified by the USPS and Canada Post. These tools perform several functions, including what’s known as “delivery point validation” to determine whether or not an address is deliverable. When an address is found to be undeliverable, Postalytics labels it as “Invalid” and withholds it from being sent in the campaign.

How Far Back Does the Savings Calculation Go?

The savings calculation starts will all mail sent through your Postalytics account starting on 8/18/2022. Mail that was sent prior to 8/18/2022 is not used in the calculations (this is due to some database restructuring that went into effect on that date.

How Does the Mail Address Savings Analysis Work?

Once Postalytics has calculated which addresses are to be considered invalid, we hold those contacts aside, so you don’t send mail to them. When you send campaigns, we calculate how much you’re spending per piece of mail in each campaign, multiply that by the contacts you didn’t send to, and come up with the savings per campaign.

Postalytics Savings Analysis Detailed Analysis

In the top summary section, you can see totals for your account, how many mailers have been run through our address cleansing tools, how many campaigns with savings you have.

You can then expand the data by using the arrow control to see more savings data broken down by type and mailer format.

Download Mail Address Savings Details

You can also use the download tool to get a more detailed breakdown of the savings by campaign. Just click the “Download” button and you’ll get a .CSV report with exact savings for each campaign we’ve calculated savings on.

Postalytics Mailer Savings Download Details

What Postalytics Plans Can Access the Mail Address Savings Analysis?

All subscription plans (Marketer, Pro and Agency) now have access to this data. While all plans are actually getting the benefit of the tools that save you money, only those customers with subscriptions get access to this powerful data set.

If you’re on a Free Plan and would like to discuss this new feature and how it can help you better understand your Postalytics cost savings, please contact your assigned sales rep or reach out to the sales team here: Contact Postalytics – Postalytics

Mail Address Savings Analysis Help Documentation

We’ve updated our help documentation to include an article about this new feature as well. You can access the Mail Address Savings Analysis knowledge base article here.

What’s Next? New Integration Features Coming Soon

We’re planning lots of great new features, including enhancements to some of our most popular integrations, new campaign types and new mailer formats, to roll out in the coming months. As always, if you have product enhancement ideas, we’d love to hear from you!

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