Klaviyo Direct Mail Integration HighLevel Integration V2 Now Live

The newest release of Postalytics is focused on integrations. We’re very excited to announce that a new version of Postalytics is now live, featuring a new integration with Klaviyo and version 2.0 of our HighLevel integration.

Klaviyo direct mail integration and HighLevel v2

Those of your who follow Postalytics know that we’re laser focused on solving 3 huge problems with legacy direct mail marketing – Speed, Integration and Analytics. This release is focused on new integrations that will enable marketers to link Postalytics to critical infrastructure in the marketing tech stack.

With this update, the customers of both of these very fast-growing CRM/Marketing Automation tools will be able to:

  1. Trigger mail automatically with the workflow engines of the tools
  2. Import lists that are defined in both tools directly into Postalytics
  3. Track Postalytics Campaign Events (delivery and response) in both tools

Klaviyo Direct Mail Integration with Postalytics

Klaviyo is an ecommerce marketing automation platform that provides email and SMS marketing. They’ve experienced tremendous success by integrating with most of the leading ecommerce software tools. Now, with this new integration, Klaviyo customers can easily use direct mail in conjunction with their email and SMS campaigns to drive higher response and ROI.

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Trigger Direct Mail from Klaviyo Flows to Postalytics Triggered Drip Campaigns

Klaviyo Flows are used by marketers to trigger email and SMS messages when specific customers do things, such as leaving a shopping cart abandoned. Now, marketers can trigger Postalytics postcards, letters and new bifold self-mailers to boost their existing campaigns.

A Postalytics/Klaviyo Triggered Drip campaign will send mailers out to each Klaviyo Contact that meets the criteria established in the Klaviyo Flow. They operate on a 24 x 7 x 365 basis once they are setup and tested. This is truly direct mail automation!

How To Trigger Direct Mail From Klaviyo

Import Klaviyo Lists and Segments for Smart Send Campaigns

It’s easy to create Klaviyo Lists and Segments, and now you can import them directly into Postalytics for use in our Smart Send Campaigns. After connected Postalytics to Klaviyo, you can use the Postalytics List Import tool to reach into Klaviyo Lists and Segments and set up the mapping to Postalytics. They’ll be imported into Postalytics in just a minute, and you can get started on your Smart Send Campaign right away.

Import Lists and Segments from Klaviyo Help Article

Using Postalytics Direct Mail Campaign Event Data in Klaviyo

Because of our integration with the USPS Intelligent Mail Barcode system and our patented response tracking tools, Postalytics has the ability to track the delivery and response of individual mail recipients. These results, called Events or Status Codes, are reported on to your Postalytics Campaign Dashboards, and when you choose to receive these Status Codes back to your Klaviyo account, you’ll be viewing those same Status Codes, in real time.

Postalytics Campaign Events in Klaviyo

Once you’ve got the Postalytics campaign events, you can use Klaviyo Flows to trigger other marketing activities when mail is being delivered, when recipients respond or when the USPS flags an address as “Return to Sender”. All of it can happen automatically.

To setup and use Postalytics campaign events in Klaviyo, just follow the setup instructions for the Klaviyo integration. Once a Postalytics Smart Send or Triggered Drip campaign is underway, Postalytics will automatically generate the production, delivery and response events as the campaign is underway. Note: Only Klaviyo Profiles with email addresses will have mail events tracked (email address is the “unique key” with Klaviyo).

HighLevel Integration Version 2 – Sync Postalytics Events Back To HighLevel

We recently launched our HighLevel integration, and it’s been picked up by a large number of customers very quickly. It’s easy to see why, as HighLevel is one of the fastest growing CRM and Marketing Automation tools that we’ve seen.

Now, version 2 of the HighLevel integration is live. The big addition is that you can now synchronize Postalytics Campaign Events in HighLevel. This will enable marketers to trigger other activities when mail is delivered, when customers scan their QR codes and more.

Similar to our other integrations, you’re able to take advantage of our work with the USPS Intelligent Mail Barcode and patented response tracking tools. Postalytics tracks the delivery and response of each mail recipient you send to. These Event Codes are tracked in your Campaign Dashboards and can selectively be synchronized back to your HighLevel account, in real time. These will be added to a contact in the form of tags. All tags will have the following format: “Postalytics Event: Status Code”. 

In order to start using Postalytics Campaign Event Codes in HighLevel, make sure you’ve completed all of the necessary Integration steps outlined in the GoHighLevel Postalytics Integration Setup article.

Use Postalytics Campaign Events in HighLevel

What’s Next? More Mailer Formats, Integrations & More Features

We’re planning lots of great new features, including several new integration and mailer formats, to roll out in the coming months. As always, if you have product enhancement ideas, we’d love to hear from you!

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