HubSpot Premium Direct Mail Integration Now Live

When we launched Postalytics, we rolled it out on day one with the first full, two-way integration between HubSpot and any direct mail automation platform. Since then, we’ve become the go-to platform for HubSpot customers and agencies, with by far the most used direct mail integration in the HubSpot partner ecosystem. Today, we’re thrilled to announce the general availability of the new HubSpot Premium direct mail integration, a completely new, much more powerful integration tool for HubSpot customers and agencies to use to deploy high ROI direct mail and multi-channel campaigns.

The HubSpot Premium direct mail integration has been built from scratch to enable many more HubSpot direct mail uses. It is included in all Postalytics subscription plans (Marketer, Pro, Agency & Annual). The existing Postalytics HubSpot integration has been renamed HubSpot Basic. We will continue to support that integration, and it will be available in all Postalytics plans (including Free).

HubSpot Premium Direct Mail Integration Feature Overview

By starting from scratch, we’ve been able to work with the most advanced HubSpot API’s and newest HubSpot features to give you the most powerful, flexible and efficient HubSpot direct mail integration yet. It also enables us to support the previous generation HubSpot Basic integration without any interruption.

Below is a high level feature overview of the two integrations:

HubSpot PremiumHubSpot Basic
Import HubSpot Contact ListsXX
HubSpot Contact WorkflowsXX
HubSpot Timeline IntegrationX
Flexible Postalytics Event IntegrationX
HubSpot Activity Event IntegrationX
HubSpot Postal Mail IntegrationX
Streamlined HubSpot Reporting/AnalyticsX
HubSpot Company WorkflowsX
HubSpot Custom Property WorkflowsX
HS Custom Property Created for Every CampaignX

HubSpot Premium Knowledgebase Articles & Videos

We’ve launched several new Knowledgebase “how to” articles and videos to go along with this update:

Postalytics Events in Custom Properties vs HubSpot Timeline

As you can see in the above chart, the only “feature” of the HubSpot Basic integration that we didn’t carry forward into HubSpot Premium is the automatic creation of a custom HubSpot property for each and every Postalytics campaign.

Why? Because this was the number one customer request for us to replace with a better way of capturing Postalytics Events. We’ve done that by taking advantage of the HubSpot Timeline Events API (which wasn’t available when we originally built HubSpot Basic). Now all Postalytics Events can appear on the Contact and Company timelines, just like native HubSpot Events like emails sent, opened, etc.

HubSpot Contact, Company, Deal, Ticket, and Custom Object Support

The HubSpot Premium direct mail integration now gives you the ability to send highly targeted, high ROI direct mail campaigns using data from a multitude of HubSpot objects. Users of what is now HubSpot Basic know that previously support was limited to HubSpot Contacts. Now, any HubSpot object that can be used to trigger a HubSpot Workflow can be setup and configured to trigger Postalytics automated mail campaigns.

Flexible Management of Postalytics Events in HubSpot

With the new HubSpot Premium integration, you can now determine whether or not Postalytics direct mail delivery and response events are recorded in HubSpot. Furthermore, you can pick and choose which events will be recorded. This gives you much more control over the type of data that you’re sending to HubSpot, and eliminates unnecessary data from piling up in your HubSpot properties.

If you’re specific use case doesn’t need to capture every mail delivery or response event, then why clutter up your HubSpot database with unneeded data? Now, you have the ability to configure your integration to only send HubSpot what you need for your use case.

Postalytics Events Recorded in the Contact & Company Timeline

As mentioned above, Postalytics now records the Postalytics Events that you select in the “timeline” rather than creating a custom property for each campaign and recording all activity there.

HubSpot Timeline with Postalytics Event Activity

The HubSpot timeline records “Activities” for a Contact or a Company in chronological order. You can filter the timeline to show only the types of activities that you want to. In fact, you’ll need to enable Postalytics Events to show up by updating your filters. Using the timeline creates several advantages:

  • Direct mail activity for a Contact or Company is easily visualized in the order that the activity occurs. So, you’ll know when mail is being created, delivered or responded to in relation to all of the other activities and channels that are being deployed in your campaigns.
  • Workflows can use timeline activities far more efficiently than custom properties with a single value. You can build automations that drive processes in your organization much faster and manage them like you do with other native HubSpot activities.
  • Timeline activities are much easier to report on inside of HubSpot. If you’re using HubSpot dashboards and reporting tools, you can now use direct mail events in those HubSpot dashboards and reports.

HubSpot Postal Mail Engagement – A New Activity Type

HubSpot very recently introduced a new native activity type called the Postal Mail Engagement. Until now, HubSpot users have had to manually log Postal Mail Engagements in order to get them counted in HubSpot reporting, including “Number of Sales Activities” and “Number of Times Contacted”. Below is how the Postal Mail Engagement is manually logged in the HubSpot Contact.

HubSpot Postal Mail Engagement in a Contact Record

The Postalytics Premium direct mail integration will now automatically create a Postal Mail Engagement for each Contact that is being sent a direct mailpiece through Postalytics. All that users need to do is select the “Mailed” choice when setting up their integrations. Then, each time a Contact is mailed to, an activity is logged by Postalytics, so that HubSpot reporting can be accurately updated without manual effort.

HubSpot Company, Custom and Other Object Direct Mail Integration

As HubSpot users are in a wide variety of industries with different needs, we’ve been hearing from some that they’d like to be able to trigger direct mail using HubSpot Workflows from many of the other objects that can be utilized in HubSpot beyond the Contact object.

The Company object is very heavily used by HubSpot customers, especially B2B companies that are targeting organizations as well as individuals. Now, Postalytics Premium direct mail users can configure HubSpot Workflows using the data stored in the Company object to drive Postalytics Triggered Drip Campaigns.

Many organizations are using Custom Objects to capture information that contains first party data that could be very powerfully leveraged in personalized direct mail and landing page campaigns. Custom objects, along with Deal, Ticket, Quote, Conversation, Feedback and Goal objects can call trigger Postalytics direct mail. Any HubSpot object that can trigger a webhook is now capable of driving automated direct mail campaigns.

How To Access HubSpot Premium Direct Mail Integrations

If you’re currently a subscriber to a Postalytics plan, Marketer, Pro or Agency, you can start setting up your new HubSpot Premium integrations right from the Connect App Marketplace (under your username in your Postalytics account). If you’re on a Free Plan or just thinking about using Postalytics now, please reach out to our sales team and we’ll walk you through the best way to access this powerful new feature set.

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Contact Postalytics

What’s Next? A New Campaign Type

The software updates from Postalytics will continue to come fast and furious for the remainder of 2023. We’ve got some great updates coming soon, including expanded integrations and an entirely new way to deploy campaigns within Postalytics, as well as new mailer formats. Keep the ideas & communication coming, it is really important for us to understand what we can build to make you and your teams more productive and successful!