Utilizing HubSpot for Direct Mail Campaign Alert and Response Management

[POSTALYTICS] Utilizing HubSpot for Direct Mail Campaign Alert and Response Management

For many marketers, the hardest part of direct mail management isn’t designing or deploying the mail. The challenge is calculating the responses and tracking the delivery notifications and alerts. 

But what if there was a better way of managing your campaigns? What if you could get alerts and notifications as you do when working with email campaigns? 

Enters the savior: HubSpot integration. 

As HubSpot is a commonly used CRM and sales tool that businesses have adopted, Postalyticsintegration with HubSpot can be a vital asset. Let’s find out how you can utilize this integration for all your campaigns. 

What is HubSpot/Postalytics Integration? 

While direct mail is an effective channel to cut through the noise and reach your target audience, managing the process is no easy task. Marketers need to coordinate with multiple vendors, communicate with clients and teams, and manually track response data. 

With Postalytics and HubSpot integration, you can combine the power of two platforms. You can automate and scale your campaign, track direct mail response rate and analytics, and use HubSpot lists and workflows so you don’t have to manually enter all customer/prospect data. 

You can set up triggered mail workflows for multiple campaigns like lead nurturing, re-engagement, onboarding and subscription reminders. If you want to bring your audience online, you can use the tool to include pURLs and QR codes to track online activity. 

This integration allows businesses to send a single piece or a batch of 10,000 pieces that are highly targeted and personalized with the same processes.  

What’s New: Direct Mail Campaign Alert and Response Management 

You might have designed a great piece of direct mail design. Your team might think the current campaign has a persuasive copy that will encourage the audience to take action. 

But what if the campaign doesn’t deliver the required results? 

The only way to find out is by tracking your campaigns’ results. With ineffective tracking, you’re in the dark about how your direct mail is performing. Worse, you lose the opportunity to optimize your future campaigns. 

Postalytics has developed a new feature that lets you manage responses and campaign alerts so you’re always aware of what’s going on with your campaigns. 

The best part? You can get all these details in your CRM tool, like HubSpot. Postalytics automatically updates HubSpot with the stage the campaign is in and if it is adhering to the set timeline.  

You can set up campaigns triggered by a specific action, like receiving a response or the mail getting delivered. For example, when your audience responds to the onboarding mail, you can send them a triggered “How to move forward” mail.  

The Set Up: HubSpot/Postalytics Integration 

Postalytics provides deep integration capabilities with HubSpot that customers can use for various activities. Here’s how you can set up this integration for four main activities: 

Integrating HubSpot For Direct Mail Tools 

You can set up multiple HubSpot integrations from a single Postalytics account. Even without a premium integration, you can access basic integration with HubSpot contacts. This allows you to upload lists for smart send campaigns, receive event status codes, and send triggered mail via Contact Object workflows. 

When you subscribe to the premium plan, you can access more functionalities. Some notable features include timeline integration, event integration, mail engagement integration, and custom object workflows.  

You can also personalize your HubSpot landing page using personalized URLs generated from your direct mail campaigns on Postalytics. You simply add variable data/logic and start with different personalized direct mail options. 

[POSTALYTICS] Utilizing HubSpot for Direct Mail Campaign Alert and Response Management

Creating Alert and Response Workflows 

You might choose to get notified about the most important stages in your campaigns. Or, you might need to track the response rates for each client if you’re running multiple campaigns as an agency. 

The Postalytics/HubSpot integration lets you define and set custom workflows according to your requirements. For example, once someone responds to your campaign by clicking on your pURL, you can choose to get that response in your HubSpot account. From here, you can send them another mail or email, depending on how you wish to take it forward. 

Tracking Direct Mail Campaigns 

You can use Event Status Codes that show the status of your direct mail campaigns in HubSpot. Here is a list of them for your reference: 

  • MailPieceCreated: The final PDF has been created and sent to the print delivery network
  • Addressed: The addressing of the mailpiece is completed
  • Printed: The printing of the mailpiece is done
  • Mailed: The initial scan from the USPS has been done
  • InTransit: The direct mail piece is being processed
  • InLocalArea: The mail piece is being processed at the destination facility
  • ProcessedForDelivery: The mail piece will arrive at the recipient’s address soon
  • ReRouted: The mail piece is re-routed due to some error
  • ReturnedToSender: The mail piece is returned to the sender due to some error
  • pURL Opened: The recipient has visited your pURL
  • pURL Completed: The recipient has visited their goal URL

Monitoring Response Rates 

Response rate monitoring is not only necessary to measure the effectiveness of your campaigns. Many businesses use it to trigger the next steps. For example, you sent a direct mail campaign for an upcoming event, and 10% of people responded positively by scanning the QR code. Now, you can send an email sharing important details about the event to these people. 

The Postalytics/HubSpot integration allows you to track response data and share it with your team to trigger workflows that send emails or other touchpoints.  

The Success Story 

Dr. Alex Rinehart started AZ Nutrition Center to offer nutrition coaching and a nutritional supplement dispensary. The online dispensary he created as a convenience for himself and his clients soon became a full-time venture. 

He started with email marketing but soon realized that many customers didn’t respond. A single-channel communication approach didn’t help him build a connection with all customers. 

He decided to utilize direct marketing to reach those customers who were unreachable or unresponsive to email or phone. Instead of draining money and time on various direct mail activities, he adopted Postalytics.

Here’s how Postalytic and its HubSpot integration helped him: 

  • Get access to readymade templates: With readymade templates and a simple drag-and-drop editor, he could create several postcard variants in no time.
  • Use offer codes and QR Codes: By utilizing these codes, he could track direct mail response rates and make adjustments for future campaigns.
  • Target a wider audience: In his words, “Only about 20% or less of emails even get opened, but over 80% of people will see our messages that come to their postal mailboxes.”
  • Data tracking: Whether it’s delivery status or data about individual responses, he can track everything from HubSpot.
  • Automated triggers: By using the integration, he created workflows that automated sending of direct mail to email non-responders. This helped him combine direct mail with other digital marketing initiatives. 
  • Longer shelf life: The gap between postcard delivery and order placement is 12 days, meaning postcards can end up as long-term reminders.
  • A low-risk setting: Dr. Rinehart could try a new marketing initiative without spending too much by subscribing to a platform like Postalytics that helped him conduct every direct mail activity seamlessly.

Unlock the Power of Integration 

Like Dr. Rinehart, you can reap the benefits of Postalytics/HubSpot integration. By creating multi-channel marketing campaigns, you can target a wider audience and move closer to your business goals.

Through the integration, you can set up custom workflows that allow your team the flexibility and convenience to spend time on high-value activities like strategizing for direct mail marketing campaigns and automating manual tasks. 

So, what are you waiting for? 

Start your subscription to activate this integration and access seamless direct mail response management and campaign alerts.