32 Best Agency Tools To Grow Your Business in 2024

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Running an agency is no easy task. You have to manage multiple client projects and teams, all while a plethora of tasks demand your attention – generating leads, managing client communication, improving your marketing strategy, and so on.

Thankfully, we live in an era where we have hundreds of tools at our disposal. Many of them work towards one thing – making an agency’s work easier.

In this guide, we’ll provide you with a list of the best agency growth tools. Whether it’s direct marketing or project management, we’ve got you covered.

Best Marketing Tools for Agencies

Marketing agency tools help with a wide variety of tasks, such as offline advertising, digital marketing, content management, automation, and lead generation. Moreover, these agency marketing tools can help amplify your brand’s presence and create marketing campaigns that hit the mark.

1. Postalytics

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Gone are the days when direct marketing used to be difficult to manage. With direct mail automation tools like Postalytics, managing direct marketing is as easy as sending an email campaign.

Postalytics provides a platform with end-to-end functionalities that help in campaign creation, execution, sending, and tracking. Moreover, you can personalize direct mail at scale. Also, you can integrate it with other channels to get more conversions.

By using Postalytics, you can bring the deployment period for a direct campaign from months to weeks.

2. HubSpot

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HubSpot is a comprehensive inbound marketing and sales platform. Agencies can use its tools for email marketing, social media marketing, content management, search engine optimization (SEO), and analytics. 

The best part about HubSpot is its user-friendly interface and integrated features. This helps agencies create personalized marketing campaigns, track customer interactions, and measure the effectiveness of their marketing efforts. 

With HubSpot, your agency can streamline marketing processes and drive growth by targeting and nurturing leads throughout the buyer’s journey.

4. Mailmodo

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Mailmodo is a comprehensive email marketing platform that can help agencies streamline their email campaign creation and management process. It offers a suite of features including drag-and-drop email builders, customizable templates, interactive email builders, advanced analytics, and client management tools. 

Agencies can create personalized, visually appealing emails efficiently and effectively, leveraging Mailmodo’s intuitive interface and robust functionality. 

The best part is its collaboration capabilities and white-label options. These features help agencies maintain brand consistency and deliver exceptional client results. 

5. Hootsuite

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Do you offer social media services to your clients? Or do you actively use social media to generate leads for your agency? If so, a social media management tool like Hootsuite should be in your social media stack. 

It offers a centralized dashboard for scheduling posts, engaging with audiences, and analyzing performance across various social media channels. Agencies can collaborate with team members, assign tasks, and monitor client accounts in real-time. 

It also has advanced analytics and reporting features. This helps track key metrics, measure campaign effectiveness, and demonstrate ROI to clients.

6. JotForm

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JotForm is a versatile online form builder that simplifies the process of creating and managing forms. You can design custom forms using JotForm’s intuitive drag-and-drop interface. This includes lead generation, surveys, event registrations, and more. 

They have features like conditional logic, integrations with popular apps, and robust data collection capabilities. This empowers you to create dynamic and interactive forms tailored to your clients’ requirements. 

The best part is they have readymade templates for almost any form which you can use to facilitate rapid form creation.

Best Project Management Tools for Agencies

Project management tools are crucial for agencies as they handle multiple projects with hundreds of tasks. These tools provide a bird’s eye view of your different projects as well as the ability to streamline workflows and processes.

7. Asana

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Asana is a project management platform that aids streamlined collaboration and organization. It offers teams a centralized hub to create, assign, and track tasks across various projects. 

You can even break down projects into actionable steps, set deadlines, and allocate resources efficiently. Asana enhances team productivity and project clarity. Features like task dependencies, timelines, and custom workflows help in this.

The best part? The tool is easy to use, which allows for seamless communication and collaboration. Their advanced reporting features are a bonus that provides insights into project progress and team performance. 

8. ClickUp

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ClickUp offers a customizable workspace to organize tasks, documents, and communication. It provides features like customizable views, task priorities, and time tracking, allowing agencies to adapt workflows to their specific needs. 

We love the tool’s unique “Spaces” and “Folders” system, which enables agencies to organize projects hierarchically, improving clarity and organization. With integrations for popular tools and advanced reporting capabilities, ClickUp also enhances collaboration and productivity. 

9. SmartTask

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SmartTask is a robust project management platform designed to streamline workflows for agencies. It offers a comprehensive suite of features including task management, time tracking, and team collaboration tools. 

One unique point about this tool is its integrated customer relationship management system and invoicing capabilities. It allows agencies to manage client relationships and billing seamlessly within the platform. This makes it the perfect PM tool for agencies looking for seamless client management. 

With customizable dashboards, Gantt charts, and automated workflows, SmartTask empowers agencies to efficiently plan, execute, and monitor projects from start to finish.

10. Airtable

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One of the biggest problems early-stage agencies face is doing everything with a limited team. They might have 10 people on their team handling over 5 projects. In such a scenario, you want a tool that helps with workload management. After all, you don’t want to overburden people and spread them too thin.

Airtable makes this easy by providing resource allocation and utilization features. You can get an idea of who’s working on what and how much more responsibilities you can realistically give them.

11. Trello

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Whether you want to set milestones for an upcoming product launch for your client or create a content calendar for them, subscribe to Trello. Trello is an intuitive project management tool that employs a visual and customizable board system. Users can create boards for different projects, add lists to represent workflow stages and populate them with cards for individual tasks. 

With features like due dates, labels, and attachments, Trello facilitates task management and collaboration. You can even comment on different cards to send instant notifications to relevant people. 

Best Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Tools for Agencies

Do you want to rank high on search engines when your ideal client searches for an agency? Are you looking to help clients improve their rankings and ultimately grow their online presence? Search Engine Optimization (SEO) tools help achieve that.

12. Ahrefs

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Ahrefs was made with the aim of helping businesses rank higher and get more traffic. The platform provides an all-in-one toolset. These tools help analyze competitors, conduct site audits, find keywords, discover content ideas & linking opportunities, and track rankings.

What we love the best about this tool is its wide range of educational resources that help you succeed with the tool. Not only that, they also have their own private community where you can learn and grow with the best.

13. Semrush

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Semrush helps you with SEO, content marketing, competitor research, PPC, and social marketing. You can discover keywords, run audits, analyze any domain’s backlink profile, and track SERP positions regularly.

This tool is great for agencies looking for a one-stop solution for their needs. You can even find out the different strategies your competitors are using and if there are any backlinks or keyword gaps you can capitalize on.

They also have solutions catered exclusively to agencies, making this tool one of the best in the market.

14. Moz

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Moz helps agencies seeking to enhance their client’s online visibility. It offers a suite of features, including keyword research, site auditing, rank tracking, and link analysis. Agencies can use Moz to uncover valuable insights into search engine trends, identify high-potential keywords, and optimize website content for improved rankings. 

With features like competitive analysis and local SEO optimization, Moz empowers agencies to develop effective SEO strategies tailored to their clients’ needs. 

15. Sitechecker

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Sitechecker helps you monitor all important SEO metrics for dozens of sites on one platform. It works by consolidating all your organic search performance data from different tools. The platform is specifically designed for agencies that handle lots of clients at a time. 

Besides monitoring, it gives you a suite of tools for analyzing, optimizing, and reporting. They also have 300+ checks to detect issues and opportunities on your client’s sites in real time. The best part? There’s no limit on user invites and data export.

16. SE Ranking

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SE Ranking is a powerful all-in-one SEO platform designed to meet the needs of agencies striving to optimize their clients’ online presence. It offers a comprehensive suite of tools, including keyword rank tracking, website auditing, backlink analysis, and competitor research.

Agencies can utilize SE Ranking to monitor keyword performance, identify technical SEO issues, and track progress. With customizable reports and white-label options, SE Ranking enables agencies to deliver transparent and professional SEO services to their clients. 

Its intuitive interface and robust feature set make it a valuable asset for agencies seeking to drive organic traffic and improve search engine rankings for their clients.

Best Scheduling and Communication Tools for Agencies

You can’t run a successful agency without having clear communication and regular meetings. Scheduling and communication tools in this list will help reduce information falling from the gaps and improve team engagement.

17. Calendly

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Are you tired of those back-and-forth emails just to set a meeting? If you have regular check-ins with your clients and team members, Calendly is a great scheduling automation tool. Everyone can share their meeting availability and the tool adapts to accommodate everyone’s scheduling preferences.

You can even monitor performance analytics on a central dashboard to see the number of meetings and other relevant details. The tool also integrates with different platforms so you can speed up scheduling without disrupting your flow.

18. Slack

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Many agencies run remotely. In such a scenario, connecting with the team and discussing things can be a challenge. Slack helps agencies work easily by bringing all work communication in one place. 

It also lets you create different channels for different teams or clients. For example, you can create channels for each client where you can share details exclusive to that client. You can also have huddle meetings on the platform itself. This tool is a great way for your team to work together even when they are working remotely.

19. ChatHQ

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ChatHQ is a platform designed to optimize communication and collaboration for agencies. It offers a suite of features including real-time chat, video conferencing, file sharing, and task management. Agencies can leverage the tool to streamline internal communication, facilitate client interactions, and coordinate projects efficiently. 

With customizable chatbots and automated workflows, ChatHQ enhances productivity and customer service. Its intuitive interface and seamless integration with popular tools make it easy for agencies to centralize their communications and workflows in one place. 

20. Zoom

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Zoom is not just any ordinary video conferencing platform; it’s your agency’s ticket to transforming virtual meetings into engaging and interactive experiences. With Zoom, agencies can seamlessly connect with clients and team members from anywhere in the world, fostering collaboration and creativity. 

You can conduct dynamic brainstorming sessions, immersive presentations, and lively Q&A sessions—all in stunning HD video and crystal-clear audio. Zoom’s interactive features like screen sharing, virtual backgrounds, and breakout rooms add an extra layer of excitement to every meeting, making it the ultimate tool for agencies to inspire, engage, and impress!

Best File Collaboration and Sharing Tools for Agencies

You deal with hundreds of files on a daily basis. Whether it’s content briefs, SOPs, or client agreements, you need tools to manage and store these files. Some tools even allow collaboration, removing the need for sharing multiple versions of files through emails.

21. Google Drive

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Google Drive allows agencies to share and access content. With its vast storage capacity and intuitive interface, Google Drive serves as the digital backbone of agency operations, enabling teams to access files from anywhere, at any time, securely. 

Whether creating captivating client presentations, drafting collaborative documents, or managing project assets, Google Drive empowers agencies to work smarter, not harder. You can even collaborate on these files and comment directly to notify the relevant people. Some features like real-time editing and version control ensure you don’t need to store and handle multiple files.

22. DropBox

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With Dropbox, gone are the days of frantic email chains and lost documents—everything you need is neatly organized and readily available. It’s a virtual space where your team can store, share, and access files with just a few clicks, no matter where they are.

Whether you want to brainstorm ideas, craft client pitches, or share product updates, DropBox is your tool of choice. Plus, its seamless integration with other tools means you can supercharge your workflow with ease. 

23. GitHub

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GitHub is like a digital workshop for agencies, where teams can effortlessly share files, collaborate on projects, and bring ideas to life. Think of it as a virtual space where everyone can access, contribute to, and track changes in files, all in real-time. 

From brainstorming sessions to finalizing designs, GitHub streamlines the collaboration process, ensuring everyone stays on the same page. Plus, its user-friendly interface makes it easy for teams to navigate and work together seamlessly. So, whether you’re coding, designing, or planning, GitHub is the go-to platform for fostering teamwork and achieving shared goals.

24. Box

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Box gives your agency one place to work together on your most important content. It also has advanced security controls, intelligent threat detection, and complete information governance to secure your data.

It also provides you with natively integrated e-signatures so you can finalize and send contracts and agreements on the go. Moreover, it lets you automate repeatable workflows that are key to your agency so you don’t waste hours on manual processes.

Best Graphics/Visual Content Tools for Agencies

Whether you’re designing landing pages for your clients or writing great copy, you need a range of creative tools. Graphics/visual content tools will help you create beautiful pictures, designs, and aesthetics.

25. Canva

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With Canva, you can create branded pitch decks, presentations, or graphics to accompany your copy. They also offer best-in-class video editing tools to help you create social media posts or case studies for your clients.

You can even create a brand kit to centralize all brand elements like logos, fonts, and icons to maintain consistency. Your entire team can use this brand kit, along with permissions for those who can access and edit designs.

It’s a great tool for collaborating, speeding up content creation, and crafting beautiful designs.

26. Visme

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Visme is an all-in-one content creation platform that helps you manage your client’s content, store digital assets, and collaborate with your team. You can empower account managers to have complete control over each client. 

It also helps cut down on design time by keeping track of all client information in one place. The tool helps you work with multiple formats like infographics, presentations, videos, reports, interactive blog content, and social media graphics.

The best part is the tool is made for collaboration which makes approvals and feebacks easy.

27. Pexels

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Are you running on limited time to create visuals for your client’s blogs or social media posts? Pexels provides you with the best free stock photos, royalty-free images, and videos shared by creators.

You can easily search for free photos and videos by typing in relevant keywords. The best part is Pexels allows you to modify the photos and videos to suit your brand or concept.

28. Figma

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Figma is the go-to tool for agencies to turn creative sparks into digital masterpieces. Imagine a dynamic canvas where designers collaborate seamlessly and bring ideas to life in real-time. Figma’s simplicity and versatility make it a platform where teams can sketch, prototype, and refine designs effortlessly. 

Its intuitive interface and cloud-based platform allow agencies to work together from anywhere, ensuring smooth workflows and stunning outcomes. 

Best Reporting and Analytics Tools for Agencies

Businesses want to partner with companies that bring them tangible results. But how do you measure those results and present them in a digestible format? The answer is to subscribe to reporting and analytics tools.

29. Google Analytics

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Google Analytics provides agencies with essential insights into website performance and user behavior. It tracks website traffic, monitors audience demographics, and measures the effectiveness of marketing campaigns. 

It also has predictive capabilities that analyze your client’s data and predicts future customer actions.  With its comprehensive data analysis and reporting features, agencies can optimize conversion rates and refine SEO strategies to enhance their online presence effectively.

30. Tableau

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Tableau is a powerful data visualization tool that empowers agencies to transform raw data into actionable insights and compelling visualizations. You can turn complex spreadsheets into interactive dashboards that tell stories and uncover trends at a glance. For example, agencies can use Tableau to visualize marketing campaign performance, customer demographics, or sales trends, allowing for better decision-making and strategy development. 

With its intuitive interface and drag-and-drop functionality, Tableau makes it easy for agencies to explore data, identify patterns, and communicate findings effectively to clients and stakeholders. 

31. Mixpanel

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Mixpanel is a robust analytics platform that enables agencies to track and analyze user interactions with digital products and services. It provides real-time insights into user behavior, allowing agencies to optimize user experiences and drive growth. 

For instance, agencies can use Mixpanel to analyze user engagement metrics, such as retention rates and feature usage, to inform decisions. You can even define your own metrics to customize analysis and reports. 

With its powerful segmentation and funnel analysis capabilities, Mixpanel empowers agencies to understand user journeys and identify opportunities for improvement. 

32. Whatagraph

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Whatagraph is a comprehensive reporting platform tailored for agencies to automate and visualize marketing performance data. It aggregates data from various sources, such as Google Analytics and social media platforms, into customizable visual reports. 

With its intuitive dashboard and drag-and-drop interface, Whatagraph streamlines report creation and allows agencies to deliver professional, easy-to-understand reports to clients. By providing actionable insights and clear visualizations, Whatagraph enables agencies to demonstrate the value of their marketing efforts and foster stronger client relationships.

Boost Your Agency’s Growth with the Right Tool Suite

Now that you know the best tools for each category, it’s time to pick the right ones for your agency. Different factors like features, use cases, budget, and white labeling should be considered when selecting the best tool suite for your agency.If you want to create effective, personalized direct mail campaigns for your clients, look no further. Postalytics is here to help you. Reach out to our team for more information.