Agency White Label Knowledgebase Now Live

As more and more marketing agencies are deploying the Postalytics Agency Edition, we’re learning about how we can surround the core Postalytics Agency Edition solution with new products and services. Today, we’re excited to announce the launch of a new product that will streamline the customer support experience for many of our Agency Edition customers – the Agency White Label Knowledgebase.

Agency White Label Knowledgebase

The White Label Knowledgebase is an optional new product for Agency Edition customers. It is designed for those who have deployed Postalytics on a white labeled basis with client accounts operating in a self-serve model. It provides a way for these self-serve clients to access the full library of Postalytics Knowledgebase article content, but with Postalytics branding stripped out of the text, images and link URLs in the content.

Why Did We Build This? Because Agencies Are Scaling Up

As our Agency Edition customers have been scaling up their Postalytics operation, those that are operating with clients in a self-service model are finding the need to deploy tools that their clients can access to answer questions about how Postalytics works. By deploying the White Label Knowledgebase, these clients can provide a huge database of articles that is easily accessible right in the app, thus minimizing the customer support burden on the agency.

White Label Branding Extended to the Knowledgebase

Agency Edition customers have had a growing number of options available for them to make Postalytics look and feel like software that is built by the agency, rather than built by Postalytics, including:

  • Replacing the Postalytics logo with the agency logo
  • Replacing the word “Postalytics” everywhere in the app with the name of the agency
  • Modifying the color scheme of the app
  • Deploying custom CSS in the app
  • Modifying the credit card statement description from Postalytics to the agency name

Now, when agencies deploy the White Label Knowledgebase, they can extend the branding work that is saved in the Agency Account Settings to the Postalytics Knowledgebase. When turned on, clients that are logged into their accounts will see the Help icon in the upper right hand corner of the app, next to their username.

Agency Edition Help Icon

When the client has a question about how to use Postalytics, they’ll be able to access the full library of articles that we build and maintain for all of our regular Postalytics customers, including FAQ’s.

Here’s an example of the Template Design section of the Postalytics Knowledgebase but accessed through the White Label Knowledgebase. In the upper left corner, the Postalytics logo has been swapped out, and the agency name is inserted into the copy and links of the page:

White Label Template Design Page

Connect Integrations Can’t Be White Labeled

There is one part of the Postalytics toolkit that can’t be white labeled, at least with current technology, the Connect Integrations. Due to the way that integrations work with your favorite CRM and Marketing Automation tools, such as HubSpot, Salesforce, HighLevel, ActiveCampaign, Zoho and others, we’re unable to fully remove Postalytics from the way the integration works. Some clients are using our Custom CSS feature to block access to the Connect pages of the app. We’ll be rolling out a “Hide/Unhide” choice for this in the future.

New Software & Ongoing Updates Are Included

Essentially, we’ve built a parallel infrastructure to go along with our standard Postalytics Knowledgebase. In addition to the software we’ve built, and hardware acquired to host and manage the content, we’ve staffed up our team to be able to update and modify both versions of the Knowledgebase. That way, as the Postalytics app continues to grow and change, our Knowledgebase content will be kept current regardless of whether you’re a direct or indirect customer of Postalytics.

Pricing, Demonstration, Learn More – Talk to Sales or Client Success

Currently, access to the Agency White Label Knowledgebase is configured by some back-end settings that must be completed by the Postalytics tech team. Since this was a large undertaking that only certain Agency Edition customers will find value in, we’re making it a separate, optional product. To learn more about how it works, discuss pricing or get a demonstration, please reach out to your sales or client success rep, or hit us up here:

Contact Postalytics

What’s Next? Integrations and a New Campaign Type

The software updates from Postalytics will continue to come fast and furious for the remainder of 2023. We’ve got some great updates coming soon, including expanded integrations and an entirely new way to deploy campaigns within Postalytics, as well as new mailer formats. Keep the ideas & communication coming, it is really important for us to understand what we can build to make you and your teams more productive and successful!