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Thank You Postcard Templates

You Can Create Thank You Postcard Templates with Postalytics

Create Thank You Postcard Templates

During busy periods, it can often be seen as a low priority to produce a thank you postcard campaign. However it is important to show appreciation to your clients and employees to maintain long term relationships, and keep you top of mind. If you don’t show your appreciation for the people who work with you, you might not have them next year. Postalytics makes it easier and more affordable, thanks to our Thank You Postcard Templates. 

Postalytics is a free design tool that allows you to customize and tweak templates instantly. You can create a thank you postcard without any design experience or skills. As if that wasn’t enough, we can also help you create Christmas Postcards and Holiday Postcards!

Pre-built Postcard Templates

We offer a variety of templates for postcards to choose from. Our designers have already created pre-built postcard templates that you can easily customize to fit your clients’ needs without needing any design experience.

Create a Unique Thank You Postcard Template

You can also start building a template from scratch with Postalytics’ drag-and-drop Direct Mail Editor.  Or use the downloadable Style Guide to construct all or part of your template in your preferred design program and then upload your material into the template. 

Customize Your Postcard Template

With Postalytics, you create your postcard template in minutes and get it right every time. Why does this matter? According to USPS, a postcard size isn’t variable, and you need to use the correct dimensions in our postcard templates to qualify for their cheap postage rate and first-class postage.

Make It Personal!

Once you have created a template using Postalytics, it is in “edit” mode until it is “proofed,” at which point any edits made can’t be changed. Once proofed, you can use your templates in your insurance postcard campaigns.

Templates Save You Money

Even creating a high-quality postcard with Postalytics, you can save on postage. Our thank you postcards are eligible for a lower postage rate and first-class postage because we use the USPS’s specifications in our templates.

Reuse Your Postcard Templates

Saving time is important and that’s why we made our postcard templates reusable. You can use them repeatedly, changing the images and wording for each thank you postcard campaign.


How to create Thank You postcards?

Postalytics’s easy-to-use tool allows you to customize thank you postcards for your online marketing. Use it to create personalized, professional thank you postcards in a snap. With blank templates or pre-made, customized templates designed by our in-house team, you can easily add unique features, offers, or messages.

How long to send out Thank You postcards?

With Postalytics, we’ve taken care of the design of postcard templates because our talented designers have already done all the work for you for your life insurance postcards or other ads. You can customize your design, however. Change colors, fonts, resize elements, change images and more to create a unique postcard template for your aircon business.

How to send Thank You postcards?

Postalytics is a ground-breaking service that makes sending direct mail as easy as email marketing. All aspects of a campaign — design, list management, paper, printing, and mailing — are included in the all-in-one service. Our service also includes tracking of mail delivery and response analysis. This makes it even easier to see the impact of your thank you postcard campaign

How do you thank your customers with postcards?

Thank-you postcards are a great way to express your gratitude to your customers. The postcard can include a message to make them feel valued as well as a coupon or discount to encourage their next purchase.

Where can I print Thank You postcards?

Have a printable postcard? When printing a postcard it’s best to use a professional print company that has the expertise and equipment to ensure the job is done right. We work with print partners with reputations for printing with quality materials.