In this episode we have Bruce McMeekin. Bruce is CEO and founder of BKM Marketing, an Inc. 5000, omnichannel marketing agency focused on delivering turnkey, results-driven marketing programs for banks and other results-driven B2B and B2C clients. Bruce and his BKM Marketing colleagues assemble high-caliber project teams of seasoned creatives, data analysts, digital, and print production experts that help clients get to market effectively and efficiently. 

Bruce is also a member of the Forbes Agency Council, has been heavily involved in the New England Direct Marketing Association, and has a passion for sustainable marketing that we’ll dive into today. 


  • 00:00 – Intro
  • 02:33 – Bruce’s Marketing Journey and BKM Foundation
  • 11:39 – Finding Consistency Across Banking and Non-Banking Clients
  • 17:25 – Unique Challenges in Banking Marketing at BKM
  • 20:26 – Bruce’s Top 3 Tips for Omnichannel Campaigns
  • 27:35 – The Power of Profitability-Based Segmentation
  • 31:54 – Bruce’s Passion for Sustainable Marketing
  • 40:18 – Get in Touch with Bruce

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