Postalytics Massachusetts Workforce Training Program

Optimize your direct mail marketing by accessing four comprehensive training courses from Postalytics.


Part of the Massachusetts-Funded Express Program to help companies with 2 to 100 employees meet their training needs.

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About Massachusetts Workforce Training Fund

The Massachusetts Workforce Training Fund Program (WTFP) is a state-funded initiative offering grants to Massachusetts businesses for employee training, aimed at enhancing workforce skills and business competitiveness.


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The Express Program

The Express Program offers Massachusetts employers quick access to grant-funded training to adapt to changing needs, with fast, flexible, and friendly support, facilitating skill development for employees


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Direct Mail Training With Marketing Experts

Learn directly from marketing experts at Postalytics, a leading tech company for direct mail marketing and automation.


Explore how a direct mail platform works, the importance of technology and automation in direct mail, and how to execute powerful campaigns that guarantee results.

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Supercharge Your Marketing Efforts in as Little as 4 Weeks

With direct mail delivering the highest ROI across all mediums, supercharge your campaigns by investing in this training course.


Self-paced, expertly designed training courses and live instructor lead training sessions to help your team understand the nuances of designing and executing effective campaigns.

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100% Reimbursement for Your Training Investment

Pay for the training investment upfront, and the State of Massachusetts will reimburse up to 100% of the cost.


Upon completion of the direct mail course, your business may receive full reimbursement for the cost of training, and your business will be ready for direct mail.

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Learn more about the Postalytics Mass Hire Express Program

Direct Mail 101

Learn why direct mail is an effective marketing channel, creative brief, best practices, the right format, offer, audience, tracking & analytics.


Topics within this course:


What is Direct Mail, and Why is it Effective?


Direct Mail Marketing Overview


The Purpose and Beneftis of a Creative Brief


Best Practices for Effective Direct Mail Campaigns


The Right Direct Mail Format and Offer for Your Audience


Track and Analyze Your Direct Mail Campaigns


Direct Mail Marketing: Putting it All Together


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Tech & Automation in Direct Mail

Learn how CRM, automation tools, cloud-based software, design editing tools, personalization & more are used in direct mail.


Topics within this course:


Cloud-Based Software that Manages the Direct Mail Process


CRM and Automation


Easy to Use Design Editing Tools


Personalization in Direct Mail


Small Batch and Triggered Direct Mail


Case Studies Using Postalytics


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Using Postalytics: Part One

Learn more about direct mail integration and execution in Postalytics. Apply your knowledge of direct mail, tech & automation to make it work in the leading direct mail automation platform



Topics within this course:



Introduction to Postalytics


Your Postalytics Account


Online Tracking and Domain Setup


CRM and Marketing Automation Integration


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Using Postalytics: Part Two

Learn more about direct mail campaign execution. Apply your knowledge of direct mail, tech & automation to make it work in the leading direct mail automation platform


Topics within this course:


Direct Mail Contact Lists


Direct Mail Templates


Creating and Managing Campaigns


Measure Success with Direct Mail Analytics


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Postalytics Mass Hire Express Program

Optimize your marketing efforts with direct mail training courses as a part of the Massachusetts-funded Express Training Program.