The Postalytics public endpoints (which collectively form the Postalytics Direct Mail API or DMAPI) are powered by the same underlying technology that powers the core Postalytics application. As a result, Postalytics engineering closely monitors usage of the public APIs to ensure a quality experience for users of the Postalytics application. Please follow these Direct Mail API Usage Guidelines for all integrations.

Below, you’ll find the limits by which a single integration (as identified by an access token) can consume the Postalytics Direct Mail API.

1.) All integrations must comply with the Postalytics Usage Terms and Conditions, Copyright Policy, Service Agreement, Privacy Policy and API Terms. Please see these pages for more details:

2.) Postalytics has the following limits in place for API requests:

  • 15 requests per second, 900 requests per minute.
  • Rate limits are throttled by IP address as well as API key
  • Customers exceeding either of those limits will receive error responses with a 429 response code.

3.) Integrations that poll Postalytics for new or updated information are limited to polling for those changes at intervals of 5 minutes or more.

4.) Requests resulting in an error response may not exceed 5% of your total requests.

5.) Integrators should use their own public and documented APIs when working with the Postalytics Direct Mail API.

6.) We reserve the right to change or deprecate the APIs over time – we will provide developers ample notification in those cases.