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Get New Quality Mortgage Leads

The mortgage industry is very competitive, and unless you have access to a vast advertising budget attracting new mortgage leads can be challenging. But there’s a solution to both building brand recognition in the market and getting new quality mortgage loan leads direct mail. More and more mortgage companies are using Postalytics direct mail software and automation to generate new mortgage loan leads for loan officers.

With the help of Postalytics’ expertise in direct mail campaigns and our online tools, mortgage lenders can sell more policies by targeting the correct audience. Successful direct mail campaigns are easy to achieve with a quality mailing list, excellent direct mail design, and a compelling message. That’s what we do! 

Many people are looking for new mortgage solutions with the recent mortgage crisis. Here’s how to start reaching out to them by purchasing a mailing list that you can use to target homeowners or people who are looking to buy homes.

Buy mortgage leads in mailing lists

Postalytics helps mortgage originators buy mailing lists from top brokers in the United States. The lists we use are constantly updated with new consumer data and addresses and can be integrated and used with your direct mail campaigns. 

Use filters to hyper-target mortgage customers

Target the right people with our mailing lists. We provide various options for filtering people by age, location, and income to create a highly-targeted group that matches the demographic you are looking for.

Personalize your mailer

Personalized messages are the way to go when sending out postcards or other direct mail material. With segmented mailing lists, you’ll be able to send the right message to your target audience in your mortgage letter, postcard, or other direct mail material.

Measure the response rate

Without measuring the response rate, you can’t know which postcard or mailing will be the most effective. Our tools make this easy to do by allowing you to test different segments.

How To Get Mortgage Leads In 3 Steps


Sign up to Postalytics

Sign up for Postalytics, create a template and purchase a consumer mailing list for your mortgage outreach campaign. 


Filter the mailing list

Choose “selects” from the easy-to-use Postalytics tool to filter potential mortgage leads by location, income or homeownership status, or any other demographics you want to target. 


Send your mortgage campaign

Design and send your mortgage postcard, brochure, mailer, or letter, and Postalytics will automatically mail it to your targeted mailing list of new mortgage leads. 

Generate more direct mortgage leads

Over the past decade, marketing messages have flooded the inboxes of mortgage leads as digital marketing became a focus for lenders. But if you’re in this line of work,  have you noticed that they’re not working as well as they used to? Unsolicited emails are cheap and easy to send, so any company can invest in digital marketing, no matter how untargeted the mailings are. The problem is, the constant stream of messages being sent out has created an environment where consumers no longer pay much attention. They use spam filters and software that hampers your marketing efforts.

But there’s an alternative. The average customer gets multiple pieces of marketing mail a day. And over 95% of consumers check their mail every day. These factors make marketing mail a valuable tool that mortgage companies seeking new customers should consider. You’re still sending a message out in bulk, but you’re able to target those that are most receptive to your mortgage offer. This is where Postalytics can help you shine, thanks to our quality mailing list and easy-to-use geographic and demographic filters.

How to use Postalytics mortgage mailing lists

If you’re a mortgage lender looking for leads, you can’t expect to get results by sending generic bulk mail. It’s a hit-and-miss approach to send mail to lists of people you think might be potential customers and a waste of money. If the mailing lists are poor quality or old, your mailers may even land in post boxes where the potential clients you hoped to reach may have moved. 

We solve these challenges in two ways. First, Postalytics automatically updates the addresses on our mailing lists by checking them with the United States Postal Service to make sure mail sent through our service reaches your intended mortgage leads. Second, all Postalytics mailing lists are compiled using the best data possible and can be segmented using filters or “selects” as we refer to them. For example, mortgage-related filtering criteria you might choose for your direct mail campaign may include the prospect’s age, loan-to-value, and income.

Why targeted mailing lists for mortgage prospects?

Mortgage companies don’t want to miss out on the right customer. To make sure they don’t, they need to target their marketing. To improve their odds of doubling conversion rates and getting more loans closed, they should tailor their messaging and imagery to each recipient. Better targeting and personalization will also reduce the cost per closed loan, which keeps profits high.

Want to increase your conversion rates? Then deliver relevant and personalized marketing messages to your prospects. Most likely, digital marketing is the channel you think of first when you think about personalization. But did you know that direct mail now has the same opportunities for personalization and targeting as email marketing? A focussed, quality direct mail mortgage lead generation campaign with Postalytics is likely to generate a higher response rate than all the digital channels combined too.

Personalize mail and make it more memorable

Postalytics delivers an easy and affordable data-driven marketing solution for mortgage lenders that allows them to send different messages to different prospects. They may want to target homeowners and renters with a different offer. One lead may be tempted by a cash-out offer while their neighbor would be nudged into taking action with a flyer that touts the benefits of refinancing. On the other hand, a first-time homebuyer will need guidance and information that you can deliver in a mortgage brochure. Using information about your prospects you glean from our mailing lists will help inform your material design and messaging to deliver more relevant messages and mailpieces.  Our online editing tools make it easy to adjust the mailings to be memorable and relevant to each prospect that receives them.

Track and tweak your mortgage campaigns

It can be hard to know which designs, messages, and offers elicit the best response. The only way to test is by using small representative subsets of your mailing list. Using our tools to insert personalized URLs  (pURLS) in your direct mailers makes it simpler and easier to track the results. You can do this by using a tactic called “A/B testing,” where two different mailers are sent to similar target audiences to test which gets higher conversion. Big brands use it all the time. You should then deploy the best options from your tests for subsequent mailings.

PURLs and QR codes make it easier for your leads to find the information they want from you too. Applying these to your mailers using Postalytics tools provides more ways for your prospects to engage with you, and allows you to track how many people responded to your mail. Your campaign is monitored automatically by Postalytics’ automatic tracking software. Plus, our tools can automatically send another reminder via our triggered drip campaign tools.

Quality mortgage mailing list solutions

Postalytics is a powerful tool for mortgage companies. Our mailing lists, which contain addresses and details of individuals who are likely to need your loans, are affordable and quick to access. Using a “saturation list,” you can target the entire USA. For more specific targeting, use our “consumer lists” to find consumers matching your specifications, including age, income, homeownership, etc.

We want to help you grow your mortgage business, so if you’re interested in learning more about how we work, don’t hesitate to email us.


What to include in the mail to get mortgage leads?

A common error made by mortgage companies is failing to establish the reason for sending the mailpieces and delivering a focused message. Direct mail should highlight the benefit to the borrower. If you want them to call you to find out about your mortgage loan offer, a bullet list of services you offer won’t do it. What is your offer and what would compel them to contact you to find out more? This is what you should include in your mailer. Also consider including helpful information on your mailers like current rate facts, local real estate market conditions, financial tips, and other mortgage loan insights you can share with them that illustrate your expertise and experience.

How to get mortgage leads?

With Postalytics, mortgage originators can create direct mail for potential clients to build brand awareness or promote their products. They can also use our mailing lists to target leads to make their mortgage loan campaign successful. Direct mail postcards can be printed using our postcard templates with a wide choice of template designs and free images available on our platform.