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Our mailing lists are updated daily, so you can be sure that the information you’re getting, accurate and up-to-date and tailored to your marketing needs.

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You can filter our mailing lists by province, industry or size of business to ensure your campaign is targeting the right audience and performs effectively.

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Postalytics makes things easy. Save time because you won’t have to spend hours filtering through inaccurate information, and save money by getting what you need – high-quality lists.

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Watch how Goodman Manufacturing uses Postalytics for direct mail marketing to dealers and internal HR communications with employees.

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Automated Direct Mail to U.S. and Canada Saves Time and Money

Postalytics optimizes cross-border campaigns, saving time and money with data-driven direct mail automation.

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Tailored to Suit Different Industries and Markets

Postalytics adapts to different sectors and markets, proving its versatility in this e-commerce direct mail success story.

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Highly Effective for Businesses Seeking to Reach Specific Demographics or Regions

Postalytics boosts Credit Union Marketing with precise demographic and regional targeting.

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Our customers say it best

“We’ve definitely become more efficient. Step one was knowing the database was correct, making sure we’re getting this direct mail out to people. Step two for us will be that full analytical dive, to see what people are doing with that information.”

– Tanya Steindl, Director of Marketing, Goodman Manufacturing

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