Automate Zoho CRM Direct Mail With Postalytics

Discover how you can plug direct mail automation into Zoho CRM and take your marketing to the next level.


Automate and scale your direct mail program, trigger multi-channel campaigns and use CRM lists to send direct mail to specific segments.


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Discover how you can plug direct mail automation into Zoho CRM and take your marketing to the next level.

Make Direct Mail as Easy as Email With Zoho CRM

Direct mail is a great avenue for marketers to reach their audience without digital noise. While many think direct marketing is complex, the Zoho direct mail integration makes it easy.


You can schedule campaigns, import lists, sync data, and deploy campaigns as easily as an email.

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Zoho Workflows Trigger Direct Mail

You can trigger direct mail campaigns by setting up specific workflows using Zoho CRM direct mail integration.


Many marketers create triggered sequences for lead nurturing or customer engagement campaigns. You can define these triggers in Zoho CRM and automate every step of the direct mail process until the mail is received and the data is updated on the platform.

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Track Delivery and Response

Postalytics monitors each mailpiece through production, delivery and response. This data can be made available in Zoho CRM for easy tracking.


Marketers can use this synchronized data to trigger workflows that send emails and other touchpoints when mail is delivered or responded to.

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Free Personalized pURLs and QR Codes

Savvy marketers use personalized URLs and QR codes to bring their recipients online, track their activity, build seamless experiences, and dig deep into the conversion data.


Postalytics makes these URLs and codes easy to set-up. There’s no need for a specialized set-up and long learning curves – with this integration, you can create it in a few minutes.

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Our Customers Say It Best

“I’m really excited about Postalytics’ ability to send just one mailpiece at a time. All the other solutions we researched wanted us to send batches of 100 or 200… I have seen no one else that will send a single piece of mail based on actions in a Zoho CRM.”

– Sean Turner, Buffer Insurance

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