Automate Salesforce Direct Mail With Postalytics

Automate direct mail with the most complete Salesforce Direct Mail Integration available.


Send triggered postcards and letters generated from Salesforce Contacts, Leads and Flows.


Direct mail is an increasingly effective marketing channel. The uncrowded mailbox offers a physical touchpoint that can boost email and digital campaign ROI significantly.


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Automate direct mail with the most complete Salesforce Direct Mail Integration available. Send triggered postcards and letters generated from Salesforce Contacts, Leads and Flows.

Postalytics For Salesforce Automated Direct Mail Marketing

Postalytics plugs into Salesforce, making it super easy to send personalized postcards and letters directly from your CRM. Send tracked marketing mail in minutes with your Salesforce Leads, Contacts, Campaigns, Accounts & Workflows. Everything is tracked in Salesforce for easy multi-channel marketing.

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Salesforce Workflows Trigger Direct Mail

With the Salesforce direct mail integration, Postalytics gives marketers unprecedented power to stand out from their competitors. Try adding postcards or letters to these workflows:


– Onboarding/New Customer
– Abandoned Cart
– Lead Nurturing
– Re-Engagement
– Event Workflow
– Upcoming Purchase Reminders


With no minimums, your automation strategies can trigger direct mail at any volume.

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Track Delivery and Response

Postalytics monitors each mailpiece and updates Salesforce continually. Each direct mail campaign creates a unique record in Salesforce to track the USPS First Class Mail delivery scans and each online visit from your audience. You can even trigger emails and calls from the sales team immediately after a mailpiece is delivered.

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Your Landing Pages…On pURLs

Savvy direct mailers use pURLs to track and personalize landing pages. Drop the Tracking Code in your landing pages, and Postalytics pURLs automatically activate. There’s no need to generate custom landing pages with custom pURL software; you can use your existing pages and forms.

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