The New Lead Nurture Stream

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Nurture warm, new leads that are not yet ready to engage. Warm leads are precious and deserve special treatment on their journey to becoming customers. Communicate with them in a way that makes them feel valued and that highlights your value to them.


Make a good first impression and then continue to underscore it in both email and direct mail. The intention is to be present where needed, and to be helpful without being overbearing.

Suggested Campaign

WEEK 1 postalytics envelope icon

Email Acknowledging New Lead

Immediately acknowledge the new lead and explain helpful info is on its way to them in the mail

WEEK 2 postalytics letter icon

Letter Introducing Benefits

Mail a letter introducing all the benefits of doing business with your company

WEEK 3 postalytics envelope icon

Email an Action

Further qualify how you can help the target—drive them to a survey or a poll on a landing page. Visiting the page triggers a thank you email.

WEEK 4 postalytics postcard icon

Postcard Benefits Recap

Recap the benefits of doing business with you

WEEK 5 postalytics envelope icon

Email Testimonial

Feature customer testimonial and link to relevant case study

WEEK 6 postalytics envelope iconpostalytics postcard icon

Email & Direct Mail Offer

Present offer—deliver a one-two punch designed to prompt engagement

WEEK 7 postalytics envelope icon

Email Follow Up

Remind non-responders of special offer and send thank you email to people who took advantage of offer

WEEK 8 postalytics envelope icon

Email News

Send relevant news related to your product/service, or email with topical commentary the prospect finds useful

NOTE: When someone is ready to engage, remove them from this flow. Continue nurture campaign after week 8 if ROI is there, or move leads to different flow. Alternatively, send email driving to preference center where they select how, when and about which topics to be contacted.

Download The Full Workflow