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Master Direct Mail Technology and Automation

Learn how to step up your direct mail game with the latest marketing technology.

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Inside This Course

Cloud-Based Software that Manages the Direct Mail Process


CRM and Automation


Easy to Use Design Editing Tools


Personalization in Direct Mail


Small Batch and Triggered Direct Mail


Case Studies Using Postalytics


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Become a CRM Integrations Expert

Master CRM integration for efficient and targeted direct mail campaigns, boosting your marketing to new heights.

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Master Personalization

Learn how to automate engaging, compelling and personalized direct mail that drives results.

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Take Command Over Analytics and Optimizations

Learn to leverage analytics for optimized direct mail campaigns, making every decision data-driven and impactful.

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Prepare for the Future of Direct Mail

Stay ahead of the curve by learning about the future trends and technologies in direct mail.

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Our Customers Say It Best

“Postalytics has changed the way that we use HubSpot. We focus on our highest value targets with triggered direct mail. It drives great response, and we’ve even gotten compliments for sending personal letters to new leads.”

– Gregory Sullivan, SVP and Chief Growth Officer, Sigma Marketing Insights

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