Top 5 Benefits of ActiveCampaign For Your Direct Mail Marketing

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Do you want to create seamless workflows and reduce the time spent on manual activities? 

Integrations between different tools and platforms are your ticket to success. ActiveCampaign has created a strong presence in marketing automation and CRM (Customer Relationship Management). Yet, not many businesses know that they can also use this tool for direct marketing.

Postalytics, a direct mail automation platform, integrates with ActiveCampaign, which helps direct marketers stand out in their campaigns. 

Let’s find out what ActiveCampaign offers and how to use it for direct marketing.

What is ActiveCampaign?

ActiveCampaign is a cloud-based customer experience automation platform. It offers a suite of marketing automation and CRM tools. 

For example, in marketing automation, ActiveCampaign integrates with your tech stack to trigger direct mail or automate email follow-up. 

You can trigger notifications based on important customer dates. For example, the subscription period is about to end. You can share a direct mail with a discount coupon to incentivize them to renew.

The platform can be used to improve marketing effectiveness in many different ways.

ActiveCampaign Key Features

ActiveCampaign offers many different features for small businesses as well as enterprises. Here, we’ll focus on those features that are relevant to direct marketing.

  • CRM and contact management: Get a comprehensive view of your customer data and journey. This can help guide your direct marketing campaigns. 
  • Marketing automation: This helps automate your manual tasks. For example, you no longer need an employee to export data. Or trigger campaigns when a customer takes a specific action.
  • Dynamic content: Create personalized content based on customer data and preferences. This targeted and relevant messaging increases engagement and conversion rates.
  • Advanced reporting: Create detailed reports based on detailed analytics. For example, you can use campaign response rates to guide further campaigns.
  • Landing pages: Create landing pages to bring customers online when they scan your QR code or use the pURL printed on your direct mail.

Top 5 Benefits of ActiveCampaign for Direct Marketing

Integrating with ActiveCampaign can help you increase the effectiveness of your direct campaigns. Here are five key ActiveCampaign benefits.

1. Use ActiveCampaign Automations

Automation in ActiveCampaign is geared towards reducing your team’s time on activities that do not bring great results. For example, you can create an entire multi-channel flow to target customers who abandon carts. 

Here’s a flow you can adopt. When the customer does not respond to your email, you can send them a direct mail based on the size of their abandoned cart. If it is over $1000, send them a series of direct mail. If it’s less than that but greater than $500, you can choose to send a direct mail as a last resort.

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You can even automate direct mail campaigns by setting specific triggers using the Postalytics/ActiveCampaign integration. 

2. Utilize Advanced Segmentation

Segmentation is an effective strategy to target specific groups with relevant messaging and offers. In ActiveCampaign, you can use tags to segment your direct mail list.

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Many businesses even segment contacts automatically based on their behavior or actions. For example, add the tag “cold lead” when someone visits your website. 

You can create segments for subscribers who have responded to particular criteria. These include a certain number of

  • Opened direct mails
  • Scanned QR codes
  • Visited particular pages on your website
  • Abandoned their shopping carts

This way, your team can create relevant copy and export these lists to deploy campaigns faster.

3. Track Results in ActiveCampaign Contacts

Postalytics monitors each mail piece through production, delivery, and response while updating ActiveCampaign continuously. These metrics can be shared in ActiveCampaign to prompt further action like predictive sending.

active campaign contacts dashboard highlighting event integration with postalytics

For example, marketers can trigger further workflows when a direct mail campaign is received. This data is immediately sent to ActiveCampaign. The next step can then be taken to trigger an email that nudges the recipient to take action. Imagine the time you can save automating this entire workflow.

4. Trigger Direct Mail Using ActiveCampaign Data

To trigger direct mail using ActiveCampaign data, start by integrating with a direct mail service provider like Postalytics. Once connected, segment your contacts based on relevant criteria such as location or purchase history. 

Utilize ActiveCampaign’s automation features to set up triggers that initiate direct mail campaigns when specific conditions are met. These could be a customer completing a purchase or reaching a certain engagement level. 

Then, personalize the direct mail content using merge tags to ensure relevance to each recipient. These triggered drip campaigns allow marketers to spend time working on activities like strategy and copy and leave the rest to automation.

5. Create Easy Multi-Channel Campaigns

You need to create multiple touchpoints to get your target audience to take the desired action and improve customer relationships. This means using multiple channels, like email campaigns, direct mail, and social media marketing.

For example, AZ Nutrition Center found they were not reaching all customers through email marketing. So, they used direct mail to target email non-responders. The result was an average increase in ROI of 30%.

With ActiveCampaign, you can create these multi-channel campaigns. All you need to do is establish a clear process. This involves; 

  • Choosing the right channels
  • Crafting relevant messaging
  • Setting up workflows
  • Coordinating timing and sequencing
  • Monitoring progress

You can deploy these campaigns from ActiveCampaign’s platform.

Boost Results With ActiveCampaign-Postalytics Integration

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The Postalytics-ActiveCampaign integration is the key to streamlining direct mail campaigns. It combines the power of ActiveCampaign’s marketing automation with Postalytics’ direct mail automation, allowing users to trigger direct mail and track them seamlessly.

With Postalytics’ platform, users can create and send personalized direct mail pieces at scale, leveraging variable data printing technology to tailor each piece to individual recipients. The integration with ActiveCampaign enables users to trigger direct mail campaigns based on specific actions or conditions within their ActiveCampaign account, such as email opens, clicks, or form submissions. 

By synchronizing data, marketers can ensure their direct mail efforts are targeted and timely. This enhances overall campaign effectiveness and ROI. Additionally, the integration enables comprehensive tracking and reporting, providing insights into direct mail campaign performance.

Elevate Your Direct Mail Marketing With ActiveCampaign

Businesses can elevate their marketing efforts by leveraging the power of ActiveCampaign’s automation capabilities and combining them with the personalized, tangible impact of direct mail. 

With the ability to trigger direct mail campaigns based on specific actions or conditions within ActiveCampaign, marketers can deliver highly personalized messages that increase engagement and ROI. 

To learn more about how you can get these benefits using Postalytics-ActiveCampaign integration, reach out to our team.